Dani Clan Practices Mutilation to Show Grievance

Bizarre activities

We live in the world of bizarre people practicing unusual activities. These may include odd rituals, unusual eating habits, strange mourning practices, mutilation etc. Depending upon, where you go, you will discover strange things.

The death of loved ones brings shock and turmoil leaving us physically debilitated and in distress. Death is inevitable and experienced by everyone. The discussion itself is so depressing. People of different cultures mourn differently even as far as mutilating to represent their grief and loss.

The People of the Indonesian Dani tribe practice mutilation to represent mourning. This tribe inhabits in an extremely remote area of Wamena of Papua, Indonesia amidst Cyclops Mountains.
The women related to deceased get their fingers amputated. It is not very surprising women are always subjected to any gruesome activity. Look for sati practice in ancient India. Dani people also smear their faces with ashes and dirt. This practice rests on beliefs and fears that the powerful spirit of deceased one may bring turmoil to the tribe. In order to appease the spirits and to drive them away, several such practices are followed. The other reason is amputation brings pain and suffering. They believe this is a physical representation of their sorrow.The process involves chopping of finger-tips. Before being cut, the fingers would be tied with strings for half an hour to make them numb. After cutting them, the fingers were dried and burnt. The ashes and remains are then buried in a particular area.
There is a similar practice followed in the tribe itself. The mother of new-born bite their little finger in a hope they will be blessed with longer life. Though all such practices are not entertained now. You can see old folks with snipped fingers.

Such type of practices are always looked on and abolished by the goverment or rulers in favour of religiously blinded people to tend not to see the factuals. More and more people are exporing this place and tourism has begun here. This has opened the gateway for Dani’s to the outer world.

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