If you decide to discover love at workplace…

Love stories could have happy beginnings and endings at the strangest of places and nuptial ceremonies may be conducted in the most spectacular resorts like beaches and forests. Yet, finding love at workplace could become a sensitive matter since the two of you get under the spotlight. We certainly don’t want private feelings and emotions to go public for sure but things are hardly kept a secret these days. Social media somehow gets around and finds the most unlikely places and situations. Confidentiality in most matters is desirable and an effort may help. But how?

Avoid making out at the workplace

It may be difficult to avoid doing the physical thing during the initial rush of emotions but circumstances call for definite restraint. Couples everywhere hold back until the ceremonies are done through some people practice lovemaking rather early. Staying apart at the office is the best thing you guys can do. Let the honeymoon wait if love is so strong! Keep a distance for the present office hours. After work appointments could release pent-up frustrations to discover the limits of desire.

Let the office bosses know

If the togetherness has reached a certain level of maturity and confidence in the future commitment, informing the management confidentially would be best. In such a situation, perhaps jobs and positions would get more secure since many organizations prefer working couples as an advantage.  Yet companies differ on policies regarding married couples working for them. Get to know the policy about dating staff and work accordingly. By keeping everything a secret, perhaps misunderstandings may arise. Inform and convince them of your sincere intentions.

Concentrate on work during office hours

Getting together often during the office timings would invite unnecessary attention. People would get the idea soon enough. You know how people love to gossip. Keep the excitement going by meeting after work only and not getting close during work hours. Getting too familiar spoils the relationship and you two may soon tire of seeing each other, a disastrous early end to the budding relationship.

Those little private jokes should remain hidden deep within

Meeting during office hours and sharing those intimate stories in whispers will only alienate the others.  Yet colleagues are important too and they often do more than relatives during times of emergency. Acknowledging each other’s presence without getting loud would be best, knowing that the evening will come around in a few hours’ time.

Avoid close proximity at work

Depending upon designations and teamwork, arrange the work schedules such that the two of you do not get too close that may turn out to be embarrassing. Romance could get in the way of successful work though one should think that performances would improve in the elation. When you are in the grip of complex feelings, work concentration could suffer. Separate working groups or office rooms could solve the problem. Work it out with the bosses.

Make sure that office decorum is followed and professional goals honored

In spite of the closeness of personal relationships, make sure that office procedures are strictly followed. Dress code and a code of ethics are found in all organizations. Follow them to the letter and be careful about language and protocol.

A practical lesson on how to keep a secret!

Though we need to confide, sometimes you cannot, at least for a while. Keep the sweet news on hold, not for an eternity but until things work out securely. The job position and the adoration of the management and colleagues need to be preserved in the career interests. Keep all the excitement bottled up for some time, enjoying the intimacy deep within.

Consider the alternative if things do not work out

Getting into a relationship may be comparatively easy especially in the office where smart young people are common. Succeeding with a relationship into a long-term marriage may often encounter pitfalls. Have you considered what happens if the connection fails to succeed? Maybe you have an alternative or maybe don’t. Give it some deep thought to reach a better understanding of the eventual ifs and buts.

Avoid telling strangers about the affair

While the bosses may need to be told to protect your official and personal interests, avoid telling others you do not know so well. Some people get jealous and may decide to play a prank that may harm the two of you in spite of the best intentions. Don’t take chances!

Keep away from the complex social media world

During the sensitive times, avoid broadcasting the love story on social media through the idea seems very attractive. We wish to appear like celebrities but excessive exposure could be counterproductive. Privacy concerns are the problem and many people have thousands of friends on social media. Gossip will commence immediately and some naughty ones may throw mud too. While many do announce every little detail of their lives on social media, it is safer not to.


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