Why Girls Don’t Want to Date You

A girlfriend is an essential status which every boy wants in their life. Peeping to the friends life who have girlfriend or girlfriends can annoy any guy.. yes!! The hardest work on earth as many guys go bumbling is when they talk to a girl/women. There are certain things you need to change if you get rejected by girls again and again. Your looks or activities may be the reason Girls don’t want to date you.


Why She Don’t Want to Date You?



Your first impression is of appearance, how you behave in front of her, are you well-groomed. The way you walk out your car, the way you call the waiter etc. Girls don’t want to date a guy who embarrass them in the public or in front of their friends. A girl favors a well-groomed, clean guy more than going on your face.


Negative statements

Negative comments lead to disastrous date , especially when it’s your first date. If you comment on her  without thinking, or make funny compliment about her shape or physique, or any other thing then you are forcing her to get rid of you immediately.


 Lack of confidence

You can never rob a girl if you are shy or not confident to speak or to present yourself. If you hesitates in speaking with your face down and feel afraid to look in her eyes, she will not stick to you anymore. Here, she wants you to make her feel like princess and make her blush and not you to blush in front of her.


 Cross lines

An honor is the first priority to every girl. Her prestige is very first thing before you. So, if you get touchy or close without getting any sign from her than anytime get ready to be dump.



what girls always want in their guys is making every situation attractive and appealing to them. Your new invents make them thrilled as they find something unique in you. If a guy remains dull and always complains about their workplaces or even of their homes, it will dissatisfy the girl and she will lose interest in you.



A girl don’t want a joker who do annoying things to impress her. But a guy who make her laugh but with a decent approach. If You keep on texting her when she’s not in mood and irritate her for no reasons, it can annoy her and situation can burst to break up.



A girl wants a transparent boy who tells everything to her.  Girls like who is truthful not only with her but with everyone. If you keep skeletons in your cupboard and she comes to know it from the other sources, then all your labor will get decayed in sand.



If a guy has bad impression of past no girl will like him. A girl can never trust him as she is afraid of betrayal like he did to others, even if you love her immensely. So without maintaining previous records dating a girl can be make you creep out.



A girl want a boy who have pure soul and mind. If she finds you flirting with other girls or even flirtatious comments on her friends, it can be unbearable for her and her mind scans your negative image.


Over Possessiveness

A girl want her boyfriend should be caring and be possessive, but over possessiveness kills a girl toleration. She perceived you in other way and dislike your narrow thinking. Every girl wants to live free and want to do of their choices, they will respect if you taunt them for good reason but again again taunting about everything like where were you, with whom were you etc can totally put her upside down.


Guys don’t feel panic, every guy has a potential according to be, all that will help is putting right strategies according to situations. God has made everyone with unique qualities individually, only we can combat with our mind to bring out our abilities. So, a little sacrifice can bring you what you want to achieve without any problems. Just alter yourself to get your better avatar, importantly which is liked and appreciated by your conscience. Now you know the traits of being a wanted guy. You are ready to hit a date. read about Perfect date ideas.

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