Online dating mistakes that many of us commit

Online Dating Mistakes                         

Today online dating is a part of everyone’s life; we use applications and websites to search for a potential partner. Though we all are well acquainted with this tech yet we make mistakes. So here are some of the common Online dating mistakes we make. 


Be choosy

Don’t keep sending messages or try to connect with anybody and everybody. Choose people with caution. In this perspective women tend to be more cautious and they only interact with people they are really interested whereas men try to have a chance in everything.


Self boasting

We all like to boast about ourselves and especially when you are trying to get someone like you there are no boundaries. State about yourself but don’t keep bragging about all your achievements since you were a 6th grade kid.



All those heavily photoshopped or edited pictures are not going to do any magic. Everyone knows the difference between an edited and un-edited picture. Photoshop is not your little secret.

Keep it simple and natural. This might fetch more attention than a fake picture.



While it is nice to hear witty one-liners and brainy sarcasm, don’t bombard your entire interaction with these just to sound cool. Too much of anything is going to spoil the mood. Go with a flow while conversing.


Personal details

Don’t dig deep into their personal issues or details and neither let your details to them. Initially keep it silly and simple. Ascertain whether you can trust the person.



Healthy flirting is enjoyable and breaks the ice. However don’t sound like pervert. Same applies to complementing too. A genuine compliment will be rewarding, compliment after compliment sounds too boring unless the opposite person is full of ego and you are satisfying it with all the praises.



Stalk their social media profile get to know about them, this is great unless you are way to addicted to it. Digging into every other person’s social media profile is not a good hobby and when you state this to someone you meet it may bug them.



Do not send any personal pictures or intimate pictures of yourself to any person you meet online; you do not know who is on the opposite end and how they will end up using it.


Multiple online dating

If you are trying to be serious about getting a potential partner online then stop trying multiple people. It will never let you focus on one person and get to know about them. It more or less looks like you are just whiling away your time.



Make it simple and clear; well don’t construct fictional stories around your profile. Do not fall for the one which sounds that way.



If you have successfully gone for two real dates after online chatting don’t start building fantasies about it. There are lot of ghost people who disappear after two or three dates.


Don’t feel rejected

If someone you are genuinely interested in is not interested in you don’t feel bad. You can’t please everyone or you will not end with everything you want. Avoid getting depressed.


Be straight in rejecting

If you are not interested in someone who is interested in you then say them so. Don’t be indirect in these issues. It is for the better sake of both the people involved.


Take some time off

While online dating is interesting and addicting, be away from this platform for a while and enjoy time with real people.



Online abusing is common and don’t feel if you are subject to it so just forget it and move on. Don’t be an abuser yourself because it serves no purpose to anyone. Expect for your profile getting blocked by many.


Refrain yourself from the above said online dating mistakes to accrue love without fail!


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Anand Rajendran is CEO and Co-Founder of Zoplay, PHP scripts development company. Zoplay is a part of Casperon Technologies a leading social and mobile development company which developed a Dating Script called Zodate. I’m a Tech geek, Digital marketing expert, Entrepreneur,and Atheist who writes about PHP Scripts and mobile application development.

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