6 Ways to bring Halloween to office

Halloween at Work

Everything about this time of the year is festive and we know you don’t really like going to work amidst such festivity but what if all the festivity could be brought right into your office in that damned cubicle you have been slogging hard at? Well, that’s possible and very much fun. Offices have started taking employee engagement and team building exercises seriously and what can be better than welcoming the festive season with the people you work to build that team spirit your boss has been talking about? Halloween has always been a fun-filled festival and that is why we recommend a list of ideas that you can choose from to celebrate a fun-filled Halloween at work.

Halloween Dress up and Disguise

Halloween Dress-up

Well, we all know Halloween is the time when you get to dress up as anything spooky under the sky. Whether it is a ghostly literary character or a famous ghost from the movies or anything creepy, you can do it all (without being laughed at). Let the employees explore their creativity with evil and dead and let them bring on the spook quotient with their bizarre outfits. You may also like to hold a contest and judge the best costume and award him/her the trophy of “The Best Halloween Ghost.”

Halloween Decor Contest

Halloween decor

Halloween is famous for the entire decor that goes into making this festival one of a kind. Every office has a bunch of these enthusiastic and creative elements who love to engage in such activities. It’s time that their talent is shown to the rest of the office. Let those boring workstations turn into your canvas for the celebration and see the magic unfurl as these boring cubicles turn into an artistic marvel. You can experiment with handcrafted Jack-o-Lanterns or Halloween banners, posters, fake spider webs, bat figurines or freakish skeletons. Let those workstations overflow with creativity and festivity and once the employees have decorated them all, a winner can be declared.

Halloween games

Halloween games

Halloween is all about fun-filled activities and games. What can be better than engaging in these games to build a team spirit among the employees? You can hold apple bobbing tournaments or bring a Tarot card reader or indulge in divination games or horror story narrations or pumpkin carving contests for the employees. The winners of the contests can be rewarded with some Halloween themed souvenir as well.

Trick or Treat

halloween trick or treat

Okay let’s just leave the trick aside, you definitely don’t want too much mischief around but treating can be fun. Encourage the employees to get treats for their colleagues and during the day these treats can be shared encouraging everyone to socialize a little more and enjoy the little Halloween treats to heart’s content.

Halloween Lunch

Halloween Food

Halloween has its own set of special gastronomic delights, most of them being vegetarian but you may also include non-vegetarian recipes for the employees. Give your way to all those pumpkin pie, candy apples, soul cakes, fruit cakes, Halloween cakes, roasted pumpkin seeds, caramel apples et al. You may also infuse the menu with spooky and freakish styling and creepy designs, such as cupcakes that have an edible spider as a topping or cakes that look like human brains and intestines or tacos with edible eyeballs. I know the thought of such food may freak you out, but ain’t this celebration all about spooky and gross stuff? So bring on the spook in your food too as you feast on these delights.

An After Office Halloween Party

Halloween party

For those who do not really want to hamper the day’s productivity and after office Halloween party is also a lovely idea to cheer the employees. These parties can also be themed as Halloween costume parties where everyone can come in various disguises whilst giving everybody a chance to unwind, enjoy and celebrate the festivity. Let this Halloween themed party have all the Halloweeny elements in it such as exquisitely carved Jack-o-Lanterns, spooky skeletons, spiders, cobwebs etc. and Halloween themed food and drinks. You may also organize some fun activities as mentioned above to complete the celebration.

Offices are generally cumbersome and with the mundane routines it becomes all the more monotonous, it is at times like these that the employees can engage in things that may help them unwind as well as motivate them to perform better. These celebrations, activities, and engagements are what essentially builds the team spirit and makes the employees feel a sense of belonging towards the organization.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start planning for your office Halloween celebrations now and if your boss is reluctant in agreeing to the idea, then tell him how Halloween can actually do good to his organization and it’s productivity. Wish you all a very happy, spooky and fun-filled Halloween.

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