10 Great Halloween Games to Play

Halloween is one such festival which is absolutely fun packed and is enjoyed by people of every age group. Whether it is a kid, an adult or an elderly person everyone seems to love this festival a lot and just the mere mention of Halloween can make everyone gleam with joy. I mean just look at those Jack-o-Lanterns, bizarre disguises that people don and those gruesome edible treats, and these are all that make Halloween a festival of sorts. The Halloween games are absolutely fun and can make any adult forget his age and just jump into all that fun and frolic. You can play them in the workplace. Sounds good? It is absolutely a great idea to bring Halloween to the office when you cant have to leave.

So what are you waiting for let’s discover this list of games that can be played at a Halloween party?

Halloween Games-

Apple Bobbing

Who doesn’t like playing the very traditional but absolutely fun Apple Bobbing game in Halloween? A large tub is filled with water and apples are left to float. The players are not allowed to use their hands and it is only with their teeth that they can grab the apples from the tubs filled with water. Also known as Apple ducking, this game is a simple game and can be played with kids as well as adults. The one who picks the most number of apples this way, without using hands is declared the winner.

Pass the Pumpkins

halloween pumpkin passing game

Come on we all love to Pass the ball, don’t we? This is just a little variation of our favorite Pass the Ball where we can simply replace the ball with a small pumpkin and pass it around as the music plays. The one holding the pumpkin, when the music stops is out of the game and the rest continues the game until we have a winner.

Let’s race for doughnuts

Hang a certain number of doughnuts from a higher point and demarcate the racing area. The players are instructed to keep their hands behind their backs and are not allowed to use them while trying to break away the doughnuts with the help of their mouths. The one who collects the highest number of doughnuts is the winner. You may replace the doughnuts with apples, candies, or other treats.

The Halloween Dumb Charades

halloween celebrations

We all know Dumb Charades and we absolutely love it. Give this amazing game a Halloween twist by including only horror movie clues. The players can be divided into two teams, one player from each team will take a clue from the opponent team members in an absolute hush-hush manner and explain the name of the movie to their respective teams with gestures alone while keeping his/her mouth tight shut. The team that gets the maximum number of names correct is the winner.

The Gross Box

Who doesn’t get grossed at the sight of intestines or half chopped fingers or chopped off skulls? We all do but what better than Halloween to turn these grossly things into a game. You can fill boxes with different ingredients such as cold oatmeal, peeled tomatoes, vegetable or fruit pulp, spaghetti, frozen carrot toes, soaked raisins, soaked husk or isabgol to create a very slimy and creepy little box from hell. Make your guests feel these objects and based on their sensation identify each content. The player who gets the maximum number of ingredients correct is the winner.

The Mummy Wrap

mummy wrap game for halloween

Divide the players into groups of two. Give them toilet paper rolls and one person from each team rolls the other in toilet paper covering them from head to toe into a mummy. The person being mummified can spin around as fast as possible while the other person holds the roll tightly in hand. The team that finishes in shortest time span is the winner.

Halloween Memory Game

Well, this is a simple game and can be played on Halloween with a spooky twist. Choose a list of five to six separate words in sync with the full Halloween concept and tell these words to each player in a way that they are able to catch them, and then ask each player to repeat these words in a backward sequence. The one who gets all the words correctly is the winner. You may use words like October, Halloween, scary, spooky, supernatural, ghosts, boo, dark, creepy, graveyards, spirits, blood, vampires, etc or names of spooky characters too.

Halloween Guess Who

Halloween Dress-up

This one is an absolute fun game. Each player will have one character name stuck on his back and will have no clue about which character he is donning. The player then asks questions to the rest of the audience and these questions must be directed towards a spooky character, the audience can respond in yes and no only. The player gets three chances of guessing the name correctly. There are no winners in this game as it must continue with other players as well. You may use the following names of ghosts or Ghostbusters or come up with your own: Casper, Dracula, Frankenstein, Bella, Lucifer, Edward Cullen, Dr. Carlisle, Chucky, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Grim Reaper etc.

Halloween Battle of the Pumpkins

You don’t need pumpkins for this game but balloons, take some orange balloons and using permanent marker draw shapes on them so that they look like Jack-o-Lanterns. Divide the players in two groups and once you say ‘Go’, make these two teams fight each other to pop each other’s balloons. The players must pop as many balloons as they can while trying to save their balloons as well. The player who gets his balloon popped leaves the game. This continues till we have a winner. To make it more fun stick the balloons to every player’s chest and ask them to not use hands throughout the game.

Build a scarecrow

You may divide the guests into two groups. Provide each group with a bag full of discarded items such as old clothes, bed sheets, newspapers, unwanted tin cans, markers to draw, buttons, broomsticks etc and let them use their creativity to build a decently scary scarecrow. They get 20 minutes to complete the task. The scariest or funniest or shabbiest scarecrow wins the game.

Halloween is a fun festival and all that scary stuff makes it all the more fun. Hop on Halloween games and start preparing for all the fun you and your friends are going to have on Halloween this year. Until then keep scaring people, wear stunningly scary Halloween dresses and enjoy to fullest.

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