12 Valentine’s Day Makeup and Hair Ideas for Sexy Looks

Valentine’s day is the most awaited day for couples all over the world. Valentine’s day is celebrated by all the couples on 14th of February. The history behind Valentine’s day is given by historians. It was St Valentine’s Day which was started in the time of the Roman Empire. In Ancient Rome, the date of February 14 was declared as a holiday to honor the Queen of Roman Goddesses and Gods, Juno. Juno was the Goddess of women and marriage. The next day February 15 was observed as the first day of the Festival known as the Feast of Lupercia.

       Nowadays, it is mainly celebrated as the couples day. On this day, both the man and the woman, express their love to each other and celebrate their bond and relationship on this day. While celebrating the most important day as far as their love is concerned, couples do a complete makeover nd days before Valentine’s day, they get into the preparation of this occasion. Women, especially, necessarily do a makeover. The following things are followed on the eve of Valentine’s day:


Romantic Flushed Cheeks:
The key thing for achieving the rosy glow on the cheeks is to pick a pink blush with a hint of warmth. And then don’t forget to dab a shimmery highlighter above the cheekbones which will make you look elegant and beautiful.


Romantic Pastel Blue Eyelids:
Pale blue eyeshadow was not considered to be elegant. Now, it is considered to be girly yet sophisticated. You can make this eye makeup to look fresh by keeping the rest of the face and lips natural.


A Romantic Embellished Headband:
A pretty headband is also an essential thing which will compliment your makeover like the models at Dolce and Gabbana’s spring 2014 show. It’s an easy way to take your ponytail to next level from day to night.


Cute Heart-Shaped Nail Art:
Wear your heart on your hands that is on your nails! To try this at home, start with the lightest nail paint color. Then let each color to dry completely before layering the next one. It is known as nail art.


Cute Orange Lip Gloss:
If you wear nothing else, but  dab an orange gloss with a bit of shine or shimmer and you’ll be good to go—anywhere on this Valentine’s day.


Cute Flipped-Out Waves:

Curl sections of hair away from your face. Set waves to your hair with aerosol and let the curl touch the sides of your cheeks.


Sexy Crimson Eyeshadow:
This look is made by applying matte red shadow across the lids. For a glossy finish around your eyes, pat on clear gloss with a flat, synthetic flexible makeup brush. Just be careful about a thing which is that the gloss must have a tendency of making eye makeup run.


Sexy, Dewy Skin:
For skin of this type, amp your moisture routine up. Here’s how to do it: After cleansing your face, try a very intense hydration mask, then apply an ingredient-packed serum, followed by a moisturizer.


Sexy Over-the-Shoulder Hair:
After washing your hair while getting ready for Valentine’s day, apply a volumizing mousse deep till the roots. Flip your head over and blow-dry. When hair becomes dry, mist with a flexible-hold hairspray, then throw all to one side and let it settle there only.


Over-the-Top-Sultry Nude Glow:
This type of look is all about being a bronze queen. On eyes, take two shimmery eyeshadows, one should be light and the other dark. With a blending eye brush, apply the dark shade at the outer end of the eye. Then, with a flat.


Over-the-Top-Sultry Updo:
Bedhead never seemed to look hotter. Spray texturizing at the roots, then flip your head and gather hair into a ponytail. Secure hair with a tie, and leave out some pieces in the front of the face.


Over-the-Top-Sultry Chocolate Smoky Eye:
The best part about deep brown eyeshadows is that it looks amazing on every skin tone and texture. For deep complexions, pick the one which is super pigmented. Apply it all the way up to the eyebrow.


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