8 Tips for Setting Up an Incredible Thanksgiving Table

If you believe in fun tablescapes, read on. During the present festive moods, table arrangements can get wild and gusty. Can anything really beat Thanksgiving dinner? Christmas lays emphasis upon that magnificent tree while Thanksgiving is really about dining. Experts believe in these 8 creative ways to set up memorable Thanksgiving table settings and menu.

Your guests should be part of it:

Keep the visitors occupied after they arrive at an entryway Thankful tree! Use a manzanita branch that does appear like a little tree. Guests may write what gratitude they feel on paper shaped like leaves to hang on the tree. This way you can record what they were grateful for. They now have a book full of messages.

Experiment with dazzling colors and surfaces:

Arrange the tablescape by selecting a centerpiece and the linens, all dazzling. You can also make two table arrangements, a traditional and a modern.

Thanksgiving table

The traditional setting uses the colors of the fall like brown, red, orange and copper, with a little purple too. A tablecloth that uses patterns and textures would look beautiful. You can create a floral bouquet with roses and sunflowers, along with tiny pumpkins and succulents.

The modern arrangement must be in yellow, white and black shades only. White pumpkins and yellow flowers like roses and marigolds create a festive spirit. The tablecloth that is black and white, while the napkins are black intricate the look.

According to pros, you need to be unpredictable though playing it safe is easy.

Personalize the experience:

Since guests love to be part of the action, use little things like place cards. Visitors would thus feel honored. Menu cards could have the visitor names along with the venue and the date. These could become souvenirs too.

Let the kids play their part:

Why not let the children help plan the events? They could work on the place cards as well as the menus and napkin rings for Thanksgiving table. Visitors would love the personal experiences of the handmade little things.

Salvage whatever:

Help the surrounding and the budget by recycling whatever is possible. Do you fancy using pine cones and grouped acorns as card-holders? Reuse them as part of a miscellany. Pumpkins may be used again after Halloween as can succulents.

A DIY foundation for the tablescape:

You may experiment a DIY approach, by creating several centerpieces. A cylindrical vase containing a twig and a white rose? A 15-16 tiny rose-decorated vase along with protea flowers painted in gold color and set on a black rock in large vases.  

You may embellish another Thanksgiving table with Cala lily in big cylindrical vases decorated with flowers and gold. Food is the big draw, but so are many things else.

Blend and contrast:


One Thanksgiving table may have white and gold place settings, but not quite the same. Contrasts are needed since sameness does not really attract.

Rent the things you need:

The event planning experts advise that linens and dishes could be rented for the occasion. You need not wash up, either. Simply scrape and return them in the containers. This way, you avoid purchases that are difficult to find space to store.

Besides, new trends are coming each year and you can keep up! In the current year, gold flatware is trendy, but you need not buy them if you possess one already. So, Pros advises to rent and not buy. It is cheap and you find new stuff each year.


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