All Time Favorite Christmas Customs…

From decoration of a Christmas tree to leaving cookies for Santa, the Christmas Customs offer a number of ways to celebrate the day to the fullest.


Christmas Calendar

If this is not fun, then what else could be? The countdown to merriment for the celebration of the Christmas part of the daily routine begins. The joyful journey of 24 days in which you can put little notes, presents, or sweet treats inside becomes a source of great fun.

The term advent means the arrival and the term advent has been derived from it, consequently meaning the same. Families used to mark the Advent through chalk lines a few days ahead of the Christmas Eve. This is how they wait for the day with enthusiasm by counting days in a unique manner.



Christmas Letters

By leaving a dulcet holiday letter, you can send good vibes to your friends and family by wishing them a very merry Christmas. You can even make it more personalized, you may think of certain psychedelic Christmas letter designs.

John Horsely who made a designer Christmas card gave this tradition much gravity in the Victorian period. From then on, this practice saw no alleys and has only flourished with time.


Christmas Ornament

Now, this a little different way of wishing a Merry Christmas to your family members by giving an ornament bearing certain meaning or introducing something special to your tree.

This is quite a personal choice and only you can figure out what would serve to be a perfect choice. But, it would be recommended to use the moments from their most significant time capsule of the year. Pick one that signifies a milestone or special moment, and give it to them before decorating the tree.

Behind the tradition – The ornaments used in the earlier times i.e. – in the 1800s, were varieties of fruits and nuts. Following the times when Ornaments became more ornate and specialized, with the evolvement of the tradition of decorative Christmas trees, the manufacture and sale of these ornaments became one of the biggest markets worldwide.


Put your favorite Christmas tunes on, make a day of decorating the tree and get yourself indulged in treats of your own choice.

Christmas tree

Behind the tradition- in America, until the late 1800s a German tradition, putting Christmas trees in the home was a strange thing. Every year about 25-30 million real Christmas trees are sold.


Christmas Stocking Decoration

You need not do a lot to spruce up your mantel. Simply, show off your family’s style hanging Christmas stockings. This is really a fun and festive way. For a bit of nostalgia and to get a flashback of the memories from past festivals celebrations reuse the stockings year after year.

Behind the tradition- a widowed nobleman was in a financial crisis and worrying about how he could manage the required sum for the dowries necessary for the marriage of his three daughters, according to legend. One night the daughters left their stockings hanging by the fireplace to let them dry, did laundry and went to sleep.

That night St. Nicholas visited the house because he was aware of the family’s tragic conditions. He left three sacks of gold down the chimney and into the stockings so that the father of the girls won’t have to fret anymore.


Christmas Lights

Add some additional charm and shimmers to your home during the holidays, by decorating the yard using twinkling lights.

Behind the tradition- By lighting small white candles people would enlighten their Christmas trees. It was in the year 1882, Edward H. Johnson discovered the first string of electrical light bulbs which were made to be displayed on the White House in 1895.


Christmas Dinner

Friends and family members joining over a hearty meal is definitely a favorite holiday tradition among people. But do not forget to keep sweet and sugary cookies by your side.

Behind the tradition- in Old England, the ritual of Christmas dinner ritual was commenced after Saint Francis of Assisi proclaimed that everyone is supposed to have an equal share of fun on the day. The tradition symbioses the beauty of partaking and marks in regard to Christ as the families would invite their servants to eat with them at the same table deleting all discriminatory elements.

These Christmas customs and traditions will make your Christmas memorable.

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