6 Best Places to Celebrate New Year Eve

Making your festival time a memorable one is really worth because New Year is something that doesn’t come every day. It’s like once in a while golden chance to live one’s time in a worth way. On the other hand, the biggest irony is to choose the right location where you can be present when the clock strikes midnight on December 31. You may like to encounter the wonderful experience of New Year celebrations at some of the selected spots around the world. It would not only make the concluding time of the year unique and mesmerizing. Here we bring you 6 best places to celebrate new year to the fullest.

  1. New York City

In New York City, the ambiance of festival season is so amazing that can be compared to nothing. You can’t deny the specialties of the city that can bring you the level of excitement where there’s no coming back. The atmosphere developed by eminent musicians and the ball drop which is the most famous gathering of a large number of people at Times Square adds to your fun and euphoria. The view of a 12-foot-wide ball of crystal weighing about 12,000 pounds descending is worth a sight. However, if you are a repellent towards any of these chaotic experiences, you have a chance to book a reservation at one of the bars or restaurants and have a look from a distance. But the unique ambiance of New York is so enticing that you can’t stop yourself from joining in and getting lost in the euphoria of ecstatic joy.

  1. Rio de Janeiro

Rio is considered to be the best option for Carnival festivities. World’s largest iconic beach of Copacabana holds the best New Year parties where around more than two million people gather from around the world.

  1. Sydney

Sydney boasts about two main things. Firstly, its location where the clock ticks the new year first of all and secondly, the largest display of fireworks with a striking setting at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Many people visit this place to only watch the waterfront show with spectacular featuring of aerial acrobatics. Apart from this, some of the strange traditions include an aboriginal smoking ceremony symbolizing the cleansing of evil spirits attract many tourists from around the globe.

  1. Edinburgh

New Year’s Eve in Edinburgh is all about street parties, outdoor concerts, singing “Auld Lang Syne”, exploding 4.5 tons of fireworks. There is a mellifluous aura in the air of this place during the festival season. Some of the strange ceremonies best traditions are those having a touch of adventure giving you an adrenaline rush like at the conclusion of the Loony Dook parade brave souls jumps into the cold waters of the River Forth.

  1. Bangkok

The natives of Bangkok celebrate the New Year’s Eve festivities altogether. A worth watching lightshow is something not to be missed at any cost. Other than these festivities, there is a live concert and video screening of all the activities being undertaken by the crowd. A spectacular display of fireworks illuminates the skyline along the riverside at midnight.

  1. Oahu

Hawaiian island offers a fetching setting for diverse New Year’s Eve activities. New Year’s Eve parties commence at 7 p.m. and go late until 2 am at The Aloha Tower in downtown Honolulu. Fireworks shows, live music, dancing are some of the comely attractions of this place.

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