Ways to Celebrate Christmas on a Budget …

There are many things you can try so as to reduce the burden of expenses in the season of festivities. But, this doesn’t mean that you are to compromise with the enjoyment seized through Christmas celebrations. Try if you want to make sure that your Christmas celebration this year is memorable one without worrying about your wallet. Here are few suggestions for you to celebrate Christmas on a budget.

Set Christmas budget in advance:

Be prepared in the first place and decide the exact amount that you are going to spend this Christmas. You are supposed to do this right before the frenzy of Christmas time inclines near. You will know well how much money you have saved this time and what amount you top keep aside for spending. You’ll be having a clear mindset and consequently, you will be able to enjoy your time without keeping any worries. Keep aside the money to be spent for presents and a share you have to invest in decorations etc. To make it easier, create a savings account and start saving a few months earlier. But don’t get diverted with time and stay consistent with your plans.

Discuss costs and gifts with family:

This is not much of a trouble if you have a nuclear family with a few members but for those having large families ought to plan everything out beforehand. Start having discussions over dinner about what presents and let everyone know the limit up to which the enlisted items should encompass. Planning saves a lot of useless thinking of how to manage and buy stuff. Ideas from the members are definitely going to help you out with the declination in expenditure.

Hold a “catch-up” Christmas:

Avoid spending overly this Christmas especially when you are well aware of the excessive shopping you did last time. This is something that becomes troublesome for the long term. Get into believing that less is actually more. Curb your investments this time even if you have to be hard in yourself.

Replace the eliminated part with something unique and go out of your way this Christmas by

  •         Making a nice meal.
  •         Sending homemade gifts.

Take advantage of sales throughout the year:

Keep yourself informed with the major sales during other times of the year. Don’t miss out on the sales closer to Christmas such as end-of-summer sales, sales after Thanksgiving, etc.

Make homemade Christmas gifts:

You can use the skills such as knitting, crocheting, woodwork, sewing, decoupage, putting together a basket, cooking, etc. Some ideas worth trying are given below-

  • You can make a “recipe in a jar”  as a gift with some flavor of surprise
  • You can prepare spice hot mats
  • You can plan to make a gift voucher for your parents for Christmas

DIY Christmas decorations:

Instead of buying newer ornaments and items for decoration, you can make use of all the items already available at home-

  •         Make Christmas ornaments with dough.
  •         Make a small Christmas penguin ornament yourself.

Cut out unnecessary items:

There a number of things that are bought at Christmas times but remain a total waste as they aren’t even required at all. Ribbons, bows, fancy tape, stickers, Christmas designs plastic tablecloths etc are a few of them to illustrate. This depends on you how to manage the budget and cut out the unnecessary shopping. Make a list of things that you have been bringing home every Christmas and mark each item you are going to drop out this time.

Keep safe Christmas decorations after use:

This way you won’t have to replace the accessories every year. Reusing the old goods is the wisest thing to do as it will save you some extra bucks which you can use for other investments later.  But you must keep them with care so as to save their charm. Other fragile items can be stored with some extra care to celebrate next Christmas on budget.

Buy an artificial Christmas tree and take care of it:

You are recommended to buy an artificial tree as it saves a lot of money spent while purchasing a real tree and fuel required bringing it to your place. In an artificial tree, you can save money on lights and if one bulb goes out of place, this will not hinder the working of others. This way you can celebrate every Christmas on a budget.

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