Best Tips for Christmas Tree Decoration

Christmas tree can easily be decorated with artificial lights but if the tree is decorated in an elegant manner it can uplift the holiday spirit of all the spectators. While decorating the tree one should keep in mind that the tree should give a pleasant and classic look. We need to consider various factors like budget, decoration materials etc. Proper planning followed by the attractive Christmas tree decoration serve the purpose.

Designing an aesthetic:

  1. Recognize the different species of Christmas Trees.   It is to be noted that all species of Christmas tree are not same. Most generally, there are three major families of Christmas tree that are sold in this festive season. Firs, spruces, and pines are the three species that are sold majorly. Out of these three species, spruce is the one with a very faint fragrance that makes it suitable for the people who have some chronic Christmas tree allergies. The availability of the type of the Christmas tree is directly dependent on the geographical region. One can also observe the evergreen species of the tree.
  1. Choose a tree.  The Christmas tree is the canvas that we need to decorate, it is very important to choose a good quality of it. If the tree is scruffy then just by using the ornaments will serve the purpose. Some people have the affinity for the appearance and smell of a real pine or fir tree while others prefer fake one.
  2. Look at ornament multi packs.  The ornaments that are used for the decoration of these trees are available at fair prices in various departmental stores. One can also use the expensive ornaments to make the Christmas tree looks more appealing. We can also use handmade ornaments like crystal ornaments, wooden toy ornaments, and crochet snowflakes.

Begin with the least movable decoration first:

  1. Hang the lights first.  We need to put up the decoration lights first as the sight of wires will be hidden under other ornamental decoration, else will not give a classy look. Lights should be arranged beginning from the top and then moving to the bottom, then in order to cover the cord, we need to push them partway into the branches to hide the cord. If the arrangement is evenly spaced then it will appear more attractive and eye catchy.
  1. Put up garlands or ribbons. After lights, we need to put up the garlands and ribbons before the ornaments. If done in the other manner then there is a certain probability that the garland struck into the hook of ornament and drops from the tree. Once we lit up the tree with the artificial lights then we can place any other decorative entity to enhance its grace.
  2. Add a topper. The choice of the topper is related to the theme. The popular options available are- a star, an artificial bird, an angel etc.

Placing the ornaments:

  1. Categorize them in piles before you place any ornaments on your tree.  In order to work in a systematic manner, we should organize the ornaments in separate boxes based on their categories. We can differentiate the boxes each pile, you can categorize by color, materials, all snow themes, and all religious themes together. The best approach is to maintain “subcategories” that could help us to be very organized if one possesses “complete decorator set” as of 60 pieces “Winter Splendor” set along with all ornaments made up of glass.
  1. Show off the ornaments to their advantage. Reflecting lights and glitters further enhances the beauty. The front part of the bulb can be covered with the translucent or transparent ornament to make it look more becoming.

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