14 Ways to Get Into the Christmas Spirit

Tone down hectic preparations by setting aside time to ease your Christmas spirit and rejoice the season’s essence. Get into the Christmas mood.

  1. DEMONSTRATE ARTFUL CARDS – Get all your Christmas cards all stacked up on the table. Let your tables clutter in a psychedelic fashion with these cards by turning them into the decor. You can arrange the medium and large hole punches to create paper circles on a wreath form made of wood. Use ribbons and pom-poms to decorate these and to have them stuck in the right place using an adhesive.
  2. KEEP A HOLIDAY SCRAPBOOK– Before Thanksgiving, you a must get a scrapbook for yourself. There is a whole new variety available in the market. Tuck in a few photos or cards as the time progresses and collect some written notes about the foods you prepared, the presents that were gifted, and the traditions that were followed during the season of festival.
  3. DOUGH AS ART – with the use of a store-bought dough shave cooking prep time and ask your family to come over and enjoy a becoming cookie-decorating party.
  4. KISS UNDER THE MISTLETOE- you can hang mistletoe in a doorway and hand out kisses when anyone passes by it. This is how people maintain a romantic frivolity at home and keep it alive without letting down the holiday spirit.
  5. GET A SIMPLE CENTERPIECE– Greeting your holiday hostess with a handmade gift can be fun and something unique to be tried. You can decorate the pot of a miniature poinsettia and the top can be covered with shaved soap or coconut to give it  a snowy effect. Decked with ribbon keep the flowers under bell-shaped jar of preferably larger size give it a different look.
  6. WRAPPING PAPER CAN BE MADE BY CHILDREN – Ask from any kid how much fun it is to wrap the gifts and they will tell you it is as much fun as the gift itself is. Children are experts at this or we can call them better than the expert creative designs available in the market.
  7. REJOICE– Singing Christmas songs along with the family and friends can give leave you with a deep satisfaction as it imparts the sense of community. Organize the whole thing and manage it within your own group by roaming around the neighbourhood. A satisfactory stroll with can be rejuvenating too.
  8. SHARE SOME SCENTS –Prepare some spice bags for simmering as gifts. Placing star anise, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and orange peel in empty tea bags are some of the things you may like to try. Trim the upper part with pinking shears and then tie them closed. Don’t forget to wrap them creatively.
  9. REMEMBER –This day can be a source of reminiscence for the dear ones that are no longer in your contact. Instead of fuming about what you don’t have, better focus on what made them a unique part of your life. You may have a flashback of memories and the golden time spent with them. Remember them and celebrate the day without feeling nostalgic. Rather, make the day unique by cherishing those times and the people.
  10. REST – you may feel like you are being worn down because of the shopping, baking, wrapping, and entertaining. All these things can wait so you must take proper rest so as to actually enjoy the festival.
  11. DREAM – Play with the snowflakes. Slow down, stop and sit on Santa’s lap and listen for reindeer hooves just like you used to do those crazy things when you were a child. This is a way to relive your childhood again.
  12. CONNECT– you must bundle up your family as you will be heading outdoors at certain times to a holiday festival .Therefore; pack your whole stuff in place. From a blanket-wrapped seat in a horse-drawn carriage you just need to appreciate the decorations, warm your insides with hot cider and cocoa, and wave to strolling carollers and admire them.
  13. REACH OUT TO OLD FRIENDS-Friends are family because you need not be related to people to call them your family. So, this year manage some time out of your busy schedule to keep in touch with a friend whom you’ve been trying to meet but somehow it skipped your mind. Approach them and make the meeting special by writing out letters or buy them stationery.
  14. COUNT DOWN THE DAYS– with a countdown project build kids’ holiday anticipation that tucks a chocolate kiss and a slip of paper into 12 wrapped and numbered gift boxes. Let them know the reasons why you love them on these slips.

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