Are you getting ready your Home for Guests on this Thanksgiving?

It’s a celebration time! Thanksgiving is very nearer. Most of the time, we invite our friends and family to come and celebrate with us. No exception for this Thanksgiving!

In that case, we need to plan accordingly. Without planning we cannot call the guests for an overnight stay. We need to do arrangements to make them feel comfortable. Look into the number of people and be ready for more numbers. We can enjoy their company only if we have everything handy.

List the necessary things to make them feel comfortable. The number of elders and children has to be noted to know the type of things to be provided.

Try some of the tips below to make their holiday fantastic.

Keep them Cozy

Look into the climate before you purchase the blankets for them. If it is summer then light ones are enough. If it is cold then they need thicker and warmer blankets. Plush bedding and crisp linens will give them a sound sleep. Keep some extra blankets near the foot of the bed in a decorative basket. They can take it as it becomes necessary.

Charging Units

These days almost everyone has smartphone, laptops, tablets and e-book readers. They have to charge them regularly. It is better to provide an extended electrical outlet without shifting any furniture. If there are multiple plugs then it would be easier near the bedside.

Give Them Good Reads

This is a good chance for showing off your book collection. Books may be liked by your guests and they may engage themselves in reading them. Photo albums also would be good for flipping especially if they are your family members.

Snacks for Guests

If you know the taste of the guests, you can stock the snacks and reduce their appetite between meals. Biscuits, bread, crackers, fruits, juices and mixed nuts would be good for offering them. If they are having the habit of taking coffee or tea then you have to keep stock of milk and other ingredients. If they rise early then you have to give them bed coffee or tea to make them really feel at home.  

Make Space for Their Clothes

Empty a drawer or closet space to keep their clothes and other items. If they have something valuable then give them a place which can be locked. Some hangers also can be provided to hang their clothes. See that the place given to them is dust-free.

Bathroom Basics

The guests may forget some basic daily necessities. Keep some supplies like cotton buds, toothpicks, toothbrushes, conditioners, shampoo, and towels. Keep toilet rolls and towels handy. If many people are using the bathroom then keep one separate bath towel per person.

Use Dishwasher in the Night

Every night run the dishwasher to keep the kitchen free from dish pile up. Each and every dish would pile up to become a headache during peak hour or mornings. Keeping the kitchen clean would make you in high spirits to work in the morning.

Plan and Share

Try to plan and share the activities to be done through SMS, e-mail or put notice on the fridge or dining table. Plan it when you are free and let them know.

Enjoy Thanksgiving without pressure and anxiety!

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