Learn How to Wrap Christmas Presents

Never judge a book by its cover but the same doesn’t hold good while wrapping the Christmas presents to be gifted to your near and dear ones. The beauty of wrapping the gifts is much of importance as the gift’s itself. Here are some useful tips on how to wrap Christmas presents:

Measure the Christmas present:

The best and easier way to pack the presents is by firstly putting them in the container or a box of appropriate size. Some presents are already packed inside the boxes but if it is not the case, make it easy and them wrap it all over with some psychedelic piece of gift wrapping papers available in the market with a wide variety of designs. Cover the gift with a suitably cut paper from each side. You can take lessons on youtube if you are finding trouble doing gift-wrapping in a sophisticated manner.

Fold the wrapping paper:

Put the gift box upside down on the already cut sheet of wrapping paper. Placing it this way carefully, make sure that you keep it towards the longer end without centering the box. Also, leave enough paper to fold it over the box’s edge. Now, use a tape instead of an adhesive.

Pull tightly the longer end while you fold it and do the folding part in such a way that the crease runs by the edge of the box. Now, you are to line the edge of the box using a double-sided tape. Afterwards, shove the creased paper onto the tape.

Now all you need to do is folding the paper ends taking the shorter side towards the center and pointed end at the corner of the longer end of the paper. The same procedure goes for the short ends too. Make the folding of the bottom flaps up secure by applying double-sided tape.

Add the gift wrapping accessories:

Once you are done with the wrapping, you must make it pretty. Otherwise, the outwardly appearance would not be a catchy one and no one wishes to make it dull even slightly. You can include a Pom-Pom bow but it requires much effort to understand how it is made.

So, here are a few the instructions that might help you

  • You have to create a ribbon circle that’s nearly same in dimensions as the width of your bow. For having more number of loops, keep winding the ribbon around till your satisfaction.
  • Make the loops flat if you want to use the scissors. It is recommended to make diagonal cuts at each corner.
  • Make the notches parallel and match them in the center.
  • Pull the innermost loop out after you have worked up with one side of the bow. Entangle it towards the right. Similarly, pull the next loop and keep twisting it to the left end. Keep twisting and repeat the same for the alternate side of the bow as well.
  • For making the bow, you are required to sequence the loops as per need. Thin ribbon or wire ends will be required for attaching the bow to your project.

A holiday gift tag is a must:

Do not forget to add a tag in the end. This is how you are supposed to give a finishing touch to your gift wrapping mission.  You can get a good one in the market but making it yourself would be worthy of appreciation.

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