24 Fun Ideas to Celebrate New Year at Home

Are you trying hard and thinking too much about how to make your new year’s eve the best this time? Well, you need not wander around uselessly since we have compiled a good number of ideas to help you out with this. Here are the 24 best ideas to celebrate New Year at home one of the best so far.

  1. Make a board of memories that give you a flashback of all the worthy moments of past year.
  2. Dance on the beats of your favorite music keeping the volume full.
  3. Get a big bowl of popcorn always ready by your side especially when you have got some movie plans for the day.
  4. As a motivation for yourself, make a list of all the past accomplishments and hang it where you are going to face them often.
  5. You are not only supposed to make the waking hours special but also plan a themed sleepover by inviting your near and dear ones to your house. For example, you can all sleep in minions pajamas or in disguise of your favorite characters of fiction.
  6. Set up a confetti bar with your friend invited to your house and try blowing the confetti from the balcony and somewhere in the outdoors with a pleasant view.                                                                                                         
  7.  Try to personate Beyonce’s latest musical performance or any of your favorite superstars to make it special for your friends.
  8. Don’t forget to keep a snapshot of the memorable moments by using a Polaroid camera. Memories are assets. Period.
  9. Try to impress your family or loved ones and surprise them by cook an amazing meal.
  10. This one is the most significant one for all. Setting a new year’s resolution after bringing your friends altogether as they can give you the best advice. Your friends might know you better than you do sometimes.
  11. Scented candles in the middle of the dark night hours is a becoming experience. So, one must try this out too.
  12. You can make a CD of your favorite old songs together if you are inviting your school friends.
  13. Prepare a big container for hot chocolate at your home. Put marshmallows, sprinkles and whipped cream on the side and your guests are never going to be disappointed with this.
  14. Gift new sneakers to yourself and do any productive activity at least 15 minutes before it hits 12.
  15. In Denmark, as the clock hits 12, there is a tradition of climbing up a chair and jumping off from it.  But doing this alone would spoil the fun. So, it’s better to invite your friends to make it more enjoyable and fun thing to do.
  16. You can bring some orientation by turning the New Years Eve into a fondue party.
  17. You can create video clips of these pleasant hours so that you can watch it anytime with your friends in future.
  18. Ask your friends to sit a deep spell with you about how the whole year went. Discuss the plans you had set and accomplished and also the ones which are still in progress. Ask them to tell some of the best memories of last year.
  19. Pop your own balloon filled confetti by making use of little-colored paper.
  20. You can make traditional hats for your relatives and scribble on it “Cheers, 2018”
  21. Use marshmallows to create an edible countdown of your own. Edible cake paint is all that you need for this.
  22. With “Goodbye 2017”, “2018 I can’t wait” or “Cheers 2017” crop some random photo props to incorporate the excitement of the evening.
  23. Don’t forget to take selfies with your best buddies and put them on Instagram and Facebook too. You will have a memory of it next year on the same date.
  24. Plan out a treasure hunt around the house by leaving clues under the couch, chair or tables. Whosoever happens to locate these hints first will be challenged to do anything under the command of the crew.

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