Observe Thanksgiving Dinner Etiquette with These 20 Tips

The grand event must not go unplanned. Make an attempt at something unique in terms of the menu, the invitations and the little gifts to carry home.  According to what some authorities say and plain common sense indicates, read on to find ways to observe propriety at the annual Thanksgiving dinner and make it a memorable occasion without excess or vulgarity. I bring you Thanksgiving dinner etiquette tips from pros.

Thanksgiving Dinner Etiquette Tips:

  1. While replying to an invitation received, put the acceptance or refusal in plain terms. Some invitations are aimed at families and if it is a positive response, don’t forget to inform how many members would follow you to the event.
  2. Like in every significant occasion, the dress is very important. Dress well and appropriately in ironed and clean clothes. Expect to see several well-dressed people out there and let the family dresses figure among the best. Costumes do say a great deal after all in terms of appreciation to make the host happy.  
  3. Punctuality and the timely arrival cannot be overstressed. The food preparations may take long like the turkey, but the organizers have a timetable on their minds. If you get late, nobody will wait.
  4. Maybe you should be sharing in the expenses. Don’t avoid making an offer, but leave the decision to the host. Besides, you or the family members may have certain dietary restrictions that may call for a little more attention. Arrange for the adjusted menu and offer to pay.
  5. Don’t escort uninvited guests there, though they may have suddenly appeared at your residence in the nick of time. Such a matter would need the approval of the host and talk over in advance.
  6. The elders sit first at the table and that is certainly a part of the right etiquette.
  7. Take care not to have excess cocktails, one should suffice before dinner. Otherwise, getting tipsy may be the result of the grand meal.
  8. Seated at the dinner table, unfold the napkin tactfully and place it on the lap. You must have done that a hundred times.
  9. The sitting position should be firm and upright, avoiding any kind of leaning and putting elbows on the table.
  10. Smartphones have no place at the dinner table. Let all the social media messages wait for a while. You will have enough time to deal with them later.
  1. Do not be in a hurry to attack the food after being served. You need to wait until everybody has been served. The host beings the eating, followed by the others.
  2. Regarding cutlery usage, the ones you need to use first are placed furthest from the plate. The last to be used are found the closest. If soups or salads commence the meal, the spoon or fork would be furthest away, to the left or right of the plate.
  3. Blowing at the food to cool it should be avoided. You need to wait! Salt and pepper are shaken into the food and not in the palm.
  4. Food is passed towards the right. Salt and pepper are handed over together and placed together throughout.
  5. Make sure you handle glasses properly. Grip the tumbler at the lower end and stem glasses at the stem. Hold the goblet at the bottom of the bowl.
  6. Regarding the important element of conversation, avoid scandal or difficult subjects. It is a sacred occasion of thankfulness and maintains cheer. Do not talk about health matters.
  7. Have patience after you finish eating. Remain at the table and avoid pushing the chair or the plate.
  8. Perhaps help at cleaning up is needed. Volunteer to take up some duties.
  9. Don’t extend your stay indefinitely after dinner. Hints might come your way about departing. Make sure you thanked the host and offered help.
  10. Follow up with a THANK YOU by phone or a written note to appreciate the party.

Good manners are certain to be appreciated by family and friends, particularly with impressionable children around. Youngsters could be groomed with a few bits of Thanksgiving dinner etiquette advice.

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