Thanksgiving – The Tradition of Acknowledgment to the Blessings Received

The word Thanksgiving itself says it all, its all about thanking, showing appreciation in return for kindness received. There is no better day in the whole year than this to say and receive ‘Thank you’.. It is a finer day to show the significance of the specific person’s presence in your life. Spending the day with family and friends and to convey how obliged we all are for the good things in our lives. Expressing affectionate gratitude in your own humble way to the almighty and to the people around for being helpful and to implore them to continue the blessings in their likely ways. Blessings of kind souls give the courage to achieve the desired goal and share the eternal bond.

Thanksgiving History and Significance

This is the historic American Christian tradition. In 1621 it was originated as a harvest festival and the celebration was traced at Plymouth Plantation. Thanking the Almighty God for his blessings after the first harvest gotten in. The refugees from England (pilgrims) with the assistance of native America learned how to cultivate and make the land fruitful. These pilgrims were the first who celebrated Thanksgiving after their first harvest in the new world and invited local native Americans to a get-together to celebrate harvest feast along music and dance after a successful budding period.

In early days Thanksgiving was celebrated for three days after the first harvest as a rejoice for the fruit of the labor received.It is celebrated as a gesture of acknowledgment to give back for the blessings received. This wise practice and tradition of expressing gratitude, sharing and giving away have become primary in the culture of many communities.

When and Where is Thanksgiving celebrated?

It is a national holiday and one of the biggest events celebrated as a tradition annually in the month of November in the United States, Canada and in some Carrabian islands. In the United States, it falls on last Thursday in November. Every year they cook colossal buffet and invite family and friends which is rewarding on this day. Schools also organize different kids loving art and craft, in which they get to make turkey fingerprints, turkey paper bags along a special feast in the classroom

Make a meaningful difference by giving back this Thanksgiving

  • Show care and contribute your bit to needy– Give away your gently used old clothes to a charity or to needy. Dig into your closets and toys and make an arrangement to deliver it to your nearest charitable trust. Make packets of food and distribute it to homeless.
  • Donating time and service to a local soup kitchen– Reserve yourself to a soup kitchen nearby. This is the place where food is offered to the people in need for free or cheaper than the market price.
  • Participate in a charity run– Sign up yourself along family members or friends in charity run which raises funds for the people in need.
  • Cleaning your local area– Performing simple outdoor tasks like raking leaves to keep the surrounding clean is appreciable.
  • Entertain the senior citizens – Take time to spend with an elderly people who have age as a constraint and unable to leave their home and are forced to stay at home on a holiday alone. Entertain them by arranging a Thanksgiving dinner for elderly people of the community or doing something of their interest.
  • Spend your time with distress people– Spend time with people who don’t have a family or have no one to talk with and are living a stressed life. Quite a bit of conversation means a lot to them.
  • Sending gifts to soldiers– Holidays are difficult to spend for the soldiers stationed overseas. Sending a care package and non-perishable items is very thoughtful.

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