Thanksgiving traditions and celebration with kids

Every year on the last Thursday in November, Americans nationwide celebrate Thanksgiving Day with family and friends with a traditional rich feast. Traditional dishes mainly include turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, bread and flavored pie which are served as a dessert at the end.

Apart from the feast, inculcating tradition with fun-loving activities and teaching kids how to build the values of tradition and to adapt them to a routine is worth sharing while making the day memorable. Getting involved in a traditional feast with family members and friends is significant on Thanksgiving. People living far from their families travel a long distance to be with their family on Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving traditions and fun activities for kids


  • Giving back with prayer- Praying to almighty sitting on a table with family and friends by knowing the importance of this day and showing gratefulness to what they are most thankful for during their meal is rewarding.
  • Kids art and crafts activityThanksgiving have some or the other activity for every age. Kids enjoy the most at school during this time. They create a variety of crafts to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday. From tracing little hands to make turkeys to turkey paper bags.
  • Thanksgiving ParadeThis is the tradition continuing sine 1924 in New York City, the USA and this parade is telecasted nationally.
  • CharityThere is no age constraint in giving back. Participating in community food drives, donating your bit to needy and volunteering yourself in food drives that collect food packets for less fortunate are some initiatives. Participating with your kids in charity runs to raise funds for the people in need and signing up for a family race like Turkey trots is also the best thing to do with kids on Thanksgiving.
  • Bake a snack– Baking is always fun for kids. Making it a group activity for kids to bake some snacks at home for sale. Arrange some amount of money with a purpose to serve the needy. Assisting them in setting up a snack table in the community for a charity is decent. It is always good to teach kids the importance of helping others and to be grateful for what they have.
  • Keeping aside some share of the pocket moneyEncourage kids to keep a little share of monthly pocket money aside and to use that amount to serve the hungry or needy at the year-end, by this generous act kids can be a part of the noble cause. These small ways of extending help will truly do a big difference unknowingly.

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