Tips to Recover from a Thanksgiving Eating Binge

Stop worrying about all the delicious foods you will eat at Thanksgiving. The roasted turkey, macaroni and cheese, the casseroles, sprouts and sauces, and so much more! Have you wondered why it should be turkey, anyway? Absolutely no worries need to bother you about the after-effects of the Thanksgiving eating and resuming life at the workplace.  Nutrition experts have a world of advice on recovery from eating binges the right way.

Learn how to prepare well for the big day from certain guides’ online if you so wish. Enticing Halloween leftovers like candy may still be around almost a month later. Calorie Control Council believes that Americans consume 4500 calories at the Thanksgiving meal, 1500 from snacks and 3000 from the turkey along with the trimmings!

Enjoy the annual event with gusto

Well, you should be enjoying the occasion and not be haunted by guilt. Food brings energy and is essential for survival. Besides, relate to family and friends. Maintain steady relationships forever. We do not get fat through a single day without eating, do we? Is it going to be several days of feasting now?

A long weekend occurs after Thanksgiving and feasting may continue with the leftovers. Do not be in a hurry, though. Four days of binging and then resuming the work routine would be hard. Make an early start on Friday. The massive carbohydrates and salt may lead to temporary weight gain as it appears in the mirror but no worry. One day of overeating will not destroy diets.

Resist those post-Thanksgiving food sensations through planning. Keep food away from sight and display the fruit bowl.  Healthy food should be available in the fridge too for the next day.

Don’t avoid meals either. Eat breakfast the next morning. Eat oatmeal without flavors and you feel full for longer. It is whole grain fiber and blood sugar will not escalate. In case you do not feel hungry the next day, eat protein with vegetables and leafy greens. Protein satisfies, the vegetables and greens supply micronutrients and fiber helps the bowels move.

Post-Thanksgiving, the secret to getting back on track is speed, right on Friday. Resume the usual business or office routine the next day. If it is sports, launch again into the fitness activities or the particular events, be it swimming or whatever.

Say no to rich foods on Black Friday

Enough is enough. True it is that Black Friday would throw up incredible shopping bargains. Why not go for fresh fruit instead of the candy and the fries? Besides apples and pears, clementines would relieve the desire for sweet foods. Friday to Sunday and any other times of the year could keep you busy with such healthy foods along the right track.

Getting rid of the leftover food after the feast would be good, but how? One possibility is to get guests to carry away some of the food. On the other hand, as a guest, you, avoid carrying food back. Thou shalt not surrender to temptation. Work with recipes for the leftovers.

Take it easy on the beers and sugary beverages. Water would be a lot better. Are you sure about the difference between hunger and thirst? Keep water at hand to maintain hydration to reduce food traps. Teas are good too like chicory that helps digestion.   

Don’t overdo the exercise at the gym either around that Thanksgiving Day. Maintain the regular schedules of cardio hours or whatever. Why not walk robustly to catch up on exercise as aids to digestion? Don’t fall for what health sites say about the kind of exercise needed, according to the food eaten. We burn calories constantly and even while resting to maintain metabolic functions like breathing.

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