Top 10 Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to choosing presents for relatives and friends, you might get awfully stuck. But, at the same time, you have to make the celebrations memorable to an extent that not just them but your own self is satisfied at the end of the day. Here are some alternative Christmas gift ideas for you that are not only aimed to save money, but save the planet, and disseminate cheerfulness all at the same time.

  1. By collecting photographs, letters, and other important documents chronicle your family documents.
  2. You can make a collage of meaningful photographs or club them together into an album or a slam book. A book of family recipes will be a good option too
  3. Start hosting a potluck so that you don’t have to cook the entire holiday feast alone.
  4. Rather than gifting toys to children, give them something that will help them out in the long term. It may be sort of a lesson or a skill like a gift of music or sports lessons.
  5. The best gift you can give to your near and dear ones is that of time. Giving someone your best time honestly and with heart is an ultimate present.
  6. Donations to charity or keeping a share for poor and helpless are also a perfect present in the name of Lord.
  7. Nobody forgets to add a tad amount of caffeine on any occasion. No matter what; tea, coffee, or chocolate can be given as a fair trade item almost everywhere and same is the case for Christmas day celebration.
  8. Homemade baked foods such as potpourri or a dried herb wreath would also be a suitable choice
  9. By going out for a ball game, to a museum, or on a camping tour you can make your time special.
  10. You may also gift one of your most favorite things. You must begin slowly to make some variations in your gift-giving attitudes. Sarcastically speaking, bad habits die hard and you can’t alter your all your holiday traditions instantly, but you can try one or two ideas at a time and step by step.


You can pick a few things from these easy-to-do ideas in the list given below and try out this holiday season.

  • During holiday road trips pay for the car behind you at the toll booth.
  • On a friend’s doorstep leave potted flowers or herbs without letting them your true identity.
  • Without being asked you can clean the cat box.
  • You can send a gift card to a soldier overseas or an injured veteran living in pain and spending the holidays in some military hospital.
  • With a blanket, flashlight, gas can, jumper cables, and flares you can make an emergency kit gift basket.
  • You can write a letter to someone you haven’t seen in the last few years or can call an estranged friend.
  • The last great book that you read and enjoyed a lot can be given to someone who shares your taste.
  • For an elderly neighbor, you can do an act of service by shoveling snow.
  • You can get together a few like-minded friends in your company and trade tchotchkes and have a re-gift swap.
  • You can host a cookie swap but for this, you may be required to accompany six friends who can make six dozens of the same kind of cookies, or meet them for coffee and go home with a dozen of each kind.

Those who shop a lot may get the chance from alternative gift fairs to purchase personal, emotionally moving, and fun gifts that can facilitate local and international charities. On the part of friends and family, folks are capable of becoming philanthropists by donations at a gift fair, to a number of charitable organizations that possess gifts ranging from chicks for a family in Haiti to school supplies for an underprivileged child close to home.

This is something which can be done with friends, neighbors, members of some faith community, and the members of the office faculty. It can be organized in a coffee shop; a church basement, or a restaurant, alternative gift fairs are the kind of social and fun community collaborations that bring some appeasement for the stress-ridden environment of today.

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