Now that the enthralling Valentine Week 2018 has already dawned…

Imagine the love passions of most of the English speaking world along with some in Latin America like Mexico! America and England, Australia and Europe combined, and the crowd celebrating Valentine week is almost as large as the Christmas-celebrating fraternity. The business in gifts, cards, cakes, and chocolates is awesome and runs into the billions of dollars. Is all that money worthily spent or is it merely wasteful?

Love is worth worshipping for sure since it holds the universe together and cements relationships not only between lovers but family members and friends. Those cards and gifts serve the very important function of reminders and intensifiers since life continues for untold years. Besides, the love tradition has endured for many centuries, believed to have commenced in the third century AD.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated each year on 14 February and that is constant, even though love itself is fleeting, with its many tales of extreme happiness and the reverse. Saint Valentine in whose honor the day is celebrated, is said to have been executed since he went against the royal decree and continued to perform marriages in secret.

Other legends indicate the Roman Lupercalia festival in honor of the deities of agricultural fertility that became Christianized as Valentine’s Day.

How do you wish to celebrate Valentine Week?

Celebrations have already commenced though the big day is yet to dawn on 14 February and there is not too long to wait. Get into the festive mood, Valentine being a greater occasion that many usual festivals. In terms of magnitude, fervor, and global appeal, nothing can beat the altar of love and sacrifices are due to keep the love flames burning bright.

Since we live in a customized and personalized world these days, decide upon the theme for the family or couple’s celebration. Will it be food and feasting, parties and picnics that glorify cuisines? A great occasion for proposals with the promise of marriage? Tying the knot would occur in large dimensions too. Catch the mood and play with it all the way through. Spring is in the air, though some regions are still in the grip of an icy winter. Warm up at the heaters and radiators and nothing can dampen the spirit of love.

A thought for the lonely people

Every game has winners and losers all right. The love game does leave a few out in the cold. Perhaps they could pray for better luck in the coming year and bring some change in attitudes so that they do end up in the arms of lovers soon enough. Some people are not really made for such intimate feelings and rebel at the idea. A few traditional societies do not approve of the exhibition of love and prefer to live behind closed doors and that is a pity. Something as fragrant as love deserves to be celebrated and announced to the world, rather than wither in the desert air.

The countdown has begun. Start living it up as if there is no tomorrow.

7 February – Rose Day

8 February – Propose Day.

9 February – Chocolate Day.

10 February – Teddy Day.

11 February – Promise Day.

12 February – Hug Day.

13 February – Kiss Day.

14 February – You guessed it!

Get going the whole Valentine week long and plan something special for the culmination on 14 February, a day made immortal in fiction and in reality. The celebrations need not interfere with work or studies and excessive spending is not necessary. Don’t lose yourself in the act of finding love! Avoid controversies, drunkenness, violence, and indecent behavior. Dedicate yourself once again to the loved ones like family and friends, showering particular love upon the beloved.

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