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What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a giant video game created by a Japanese insect collector in ’90s. The game has no time limit and other consequences. Around 1990, this game was designed by Satoshi Tajiri and associate it with his hobby of collecting insects . This combination of his love for video games and collecting insects has hammered out the concept of the game. The game to find pokemons makes one travel between a real world and the virtual world and can be played on iPhone and Android devices for free. You have to search for your pokémon in the real world of yours. It will make you run and search for it exploring your surroundings. Your smartphones will vibrate as you move around and let you know that it’s time you’re near a pokémon. Once you find it, take aim and throw a Poké Ball to grab it. be careful, it might run away when you try to catch it. Look for the poké stops located at amazing places outside your house like gardens and forest and even in a water body near you.


Popularity of Pokemons go

Nowadays it is so popular that it is now competing with twitter in terms of daily active users. The game uses your phone’s GPS to detect your whereabouts and make Pokémon appear around you, it also uses the phone clock to detect the time which helps to find different pokémons as you move around.

The idea is to encourage the people to travel around in their own world to catch it .

Playing it is fun as it is determined by the location of yours. Suppose if you walk through river or any water body you have to find water pokémon, if you go through garden or parks then pokémons are supposed to be grass type and you will encounter them in the grass or bushes

The game is an appreciable one because it is helping people with mental health and encourage them to spend time outside the offices and homes. Tajiri’s fundamental plan was that coming of new advancement in video games kids have become dull and a lot of them had forgotten about catching the insects outside the house, so keeping in mind he made this game with the help of Nintendo and illustrator Ken Sugimori. Initially, Sugimori drew 151 different kinds of Pokémons by himself and these Pokémons are cute and attractive.


How to play Pokémons game?


  • Download the game from the app store or even from google directly as it is not available in many countries . It is free of cost except Pokécoins with which you get the game items.
  • Create a game account. Once you are done creating the account, Change your player attires and style according to your wish by selecting skin and eye color, hair, bag,outfit etc.
  • It will ask you an option of giving your nickname..mention a nickname of your choice.
  • Open your GPS and allow it to access your location.
  • Make sure your internet connection shouldn’t be limited as GPS constantly requires your data.
  • When you have encountered with pokémon, flick the ball towards it, be sure it will successfully get caught and once done it will be under your control.
  • Catching is not well explained in the real world, you have to run as much as you can  to catch a it. You can see handy meter on your screen which indicates that which pokémon is nearby you. When you see it in your physical location click on it to give it a wider view.
  • Whenever you see the footprints , be alert that Pokémon is very close to you. Keep walking to catch it.
  • The battle between you and Pokémon starts, swipe your ball towards it to catch.
  • Your player will be displayed along with the map using your current location. Features on the map are a number of Pokéstops, Poké Balls, Pokémon Gyms. Pokéstops provide Poké balls. Gyms are meant for team matches and can be found at the real location, so you have to work together to build a very strong defence.
  • You can use the Pokémons you have caught in the battle and it will be surely challenging and fun activity.
  • If you win, then the prestige of the gym will get reduced. When its prestige goes down and drops to zero, then the opponent team loses its control over it and your team take it under your control and assign  a Pokémon for defending.
  • You have also an option to create your pokémons stronger. Every Pokémon you catch comes with candy and stardust which helps to increase the combat power. You can also power your pokémons by competing them against other trainer’s pokémons during the battles in Poké Gyms.
  • All you have to do is collect 151 of them.


Pokémon Go Plus


It is a portable device which helps the players to enjoy the game even when they are not staring at their phones. It is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth and gives you the information about events in the game. It is a wearable device kind of a smartwatch which notifies you when the pokémon is nearby. The best part is it can catch Pokémon itself and you don’t have to take your smartphones out of your pocket


Tips for playing Pokemon go

  • Always watch yourself where you are going with the map. Issues are coming for warning the people to keep the eyes off their phones while crossing the roads
  • It drains your battery very quickly because of the constant use of the of camera, so try to maintain your battery by decreasing the brightness or by doing power saving mode. Some players suggest to download the map straight from the google will help to increase the life of your battery but this is not 100% confirmed.
  • Pokémon Go have full access of your Google account, your passwords etc. So specifically revoke it.
  • Be aware of the lures at pokéstops as there is news of robbers who rob players with expensive smartphones. Be aware not to go in empty streets especially at night. Getting lost is also a risk.
  • In some places it is totally unresponsive because of the poor internet connectivity. If you are on 2G you will not able to start the game, even if you have 3G it will show error loading and since the game requires to walk outside your home wifi will  also not work along with the GPS signal turned on.


Goal of Pokémon game?

All the Pokémons appear with combat power and this power will roughly calculate how powerful it is in the battle. Ultimate goal is to complete the entries in the Pokédex and obtain the 151 Pokémons.


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