15 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Today’s women feel cooking is an art not merely a household chore. Smart kitchen appliances not only add glamour to your kitchen, they help you cook faster and perfect. Why not include the fact cooking yourself is adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Below listed are 15 kitchen appliances to make your kitchen an enjoyable place to work. before we start a tip … make your kitchen clutter free, sink must be clean and the surface should be bacteria free, clean and dry

1. Fridge: An appliance of great need. It ensures food freshness and minimizes food wastage. Buy a fridge with the needed capacity which fairly depends upon your need and your family size. Best tip to buy a fridge is buying one with adjusting shelves. The one with separate freezer is the best choice as it helps you segregate items to be frozen. Look for higher star rating to minimize your electricity bills.

2. Water Purifier: It removes impurities from water to make it drinkable and bacteria free. The market is flooded with a different type of purifiers and softeners using different purification process. Look for reliable brands when buying a water purifier. Maintenance should be less. The one with high purifying capacity should have opted. Also, mind the space available to you. Do not opt for the expanded system when you have less space to install.

3. Microwave Oven: It is chef’s best friend when multitasking is required. It heats the food evenly and perfectly. Modern microwaves come with the facility to cook, bake and thaw. Choose one with required size and watt (1000-1600 watt). Look for automatic sensors to give you ease of use. Mechanical controls are good for rough use. Auto menus or shortcut keys help you in faster cooking. For extra care, ask for the with child safety lock.

4. Handheld blenders: Also called Immersion blenders, They perfect for soup lovers in making purees and dips. New models available in the market are good for whisking and chopping too. Opt for the one with intuitive controls and easy cleanup. A weight of 1.5 kg or less is ideal. It should have a blending container and storage. Buy corded or cordless as per your requirement.

5. Coffee Maker: It is used to brew coffee. Look for the design and type that suits you. Features to keep in mind is the capacity ( cups it can brew at a time), filter and power. You can also go for additional features like turbo nozzle, steam and froth to give your coffee a lighter and smooth textured foam.

6. Toasters: Though it’s one of the fundamental kitchen appliances, It serves the primary cooking. Bread and bread-like foods are cooked from both sides. A wide variety of toasters are available in the market. You can choose from hundreds based on the capacity and material. Go, for a wider slot to accommodate different food sizes.

7. Mixer (blender): It is kitchen king, used in blending, pureeing and mixing foods. A traditional blender with two jars fixed with different types of blade serves the purpose. Sharp blades are the needed to do the task in less time and with perfection.

8. Food Processor: Though blenders serve the purpose, food processors come with additional features like grating, shredding, mincing, dough making and many other attachments. while purchasing check how convenient it is to wash. Check for the feeding tubes, are they wide enough?

9. Juicer: It helps in extracting juice from fruits, veggies etc. It is must when we talk about a healthy breakfast. Choose easily operated juicer and that is easy to clean. Simplest one is the best.

10. Electric Kettle: It boils water instantly. In winters I can’t imagine going without it. A simple electric kettle with moderate capacity is sufficient. Buy energy efficient to save your bucks on power bills. You can make tea instantly in it.

11. Rice Cooker: If we are talking about smart kitchen appliances, Rice cooker shout out loud its importance. Apart from cooking rice, you can make pasta, momo etc in it. It is an ideal appliance for steaming.

12. Sandwich Maker: no one dislike sandwiches. Cooking traditionally on tava is a hassle. Sandwich maker lets us make sandwiches, omelets, pancakes easily. Buy as per your need. See for space needed

13. Dishwasher: Working women don’t have ample time to do up the dishes. Nor she can afford to wait for maids. The dishwasher is a savior here. It cleans dishes and utensils. Buy one with adjustable racks, and energy efficient. Look for self-cleaning, and waste disposing feature when buying one. Few things to keep in mind are, it should consume less power and water, Also, maintenance is required. The brand offers after sale services are worth buying. Indian oily foods stick to vessels rigidly. Dishwashers may not help you there.

14. Electric Chimney: Smoke in the kitchen harms our health. It also sticks to cabinet doors and wall tiles making it greasy,  bacteria prone and look shabby. Buy an Electric Chimney to get rid of smoke, odors, heat, and smell. While buying chimney for kitchen look for its suction power, size, design, ducting and filter types. Besides the functions, chimney adds a touch of elan to your kitchen.

15. Cook-tops: Though cook-tops comes under the traditional style of cooking. Cook-top with manual ignition comes under affordable prices as compared to cook-tops with electric ignition. While buying a gas cook-top, go for the one with the required number of burners. Cook-tops sheets come in metal, glass, and marble. Marble and glass cook-tops are slightly costlier than metal ones. Same applies to electric cook-top.

Though all above-said kitchen appliances are of utmost use, when you build a quality kitchen arsenal you must always opt for quality things rather than replacing them time and again.

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