Overcome the Fear of the Meat Injector

Meat Injectors

When you love grilling or barbecuing the need to find great new tastes is always appealing. The idea of using what looks like an oversize injection needle might not sound so appealing. Perhaps it reminds you too strongly of some episodes of Breaking Bad? Are you just don’t like the idea of needles in general? Whatever the reason, using the meat injector is making a comeback, and backyard grillers, as well as pros are finding new and interesting tastes to spice up meats. Putting the weirdness of using meat injectors aside will bring out the flavor of meats, and improve its texture.


Far Better Than Other Methods

Injectors are able to get to the center of the bland meat problem because here the infusion of taste isn’t left on the surface. No matter how hard you work on a glaze, spice paste, or rub it will only settle on the surface of the meat. While you can remove the skin from the chicken or turkey, you will still find these solutions only reach down a few millimeters, make the flavor unevenly spread throughout the meat. Even marinades and curing the meat will end with only a small amount truly saturating into the meat. To really get the flavor you want with every bite this device, no matter how scary it appears is the best way to go.


Simple to Use

The best meat injector is the one that’s simpler to operate for your needs. If you plan on using one for outdoor grill a small, simple injector will work. When you use the injector most cooks find the best result by using the same flavor as used in the rub or other external preparation. Then it’s an easy matter to use the injector. Depress the plunger and submerge the needle in the preparation mixture. Some of the needles on the market have only one hole at the end while others have holes along the sides. Make sure that the needle holes have complete access to the mixture and then draw the fluid into the needle by slowly pull the plunger back. Use the recommended amount as described in the recipe you are using as you place the needle in the meat, and then slowly depress the plunger once again. Don’t make the mistake of doing this too quickly as the liquid will squirt out of the meat. If you feel resistance on the needle check to see if you have not encountered a bone or a piece of gristle. It might be necessary to select another area and try again.


Different Selections Available

There are a number of different types of meat injectors on the market. If you plan on a large grilling experience you might want to invest in a meat injection gun, which works exactly the same way, but is easier on the hand, and offers the cook more control. If the plan is for a larger event such as a cook-off than you might want to go another step up and try a commercial injector system, that can handle a larger task such as a luau.  


Injection and Baking

Once you get over the freakiness of the using an injector there are many fun ways to use this device in the kitchen as well as the grill. Think of how many ‘rubs’ or ‘marinates’ that have fallen flat with chicken or turkey. Just as with the grill drowning your turkey in marinates or entire sticks of butter will do nothing to prevent the dry white meat in the center of the bird, that starts to curl up the second you set it on the platter. Injecting the a marination of chicken broth, lemon juice, and butter a few hours before the baking begins will see a huge difference in having tasty, moist turkey everyone will want to gobble up immediately. The same is true of baking chicken, as a number of marinates involving orange, or garlic and spices are even better if the flavor is found in every slice, and not just on the outer layers. The special flavors added to pork such as pineapple or a spicy mix is also better using an injector rather than just having a slice sitting on top.


With so many new possibilities on the market, it’s hard to make the right decision. Having the right information can help. Whether you are looking at choices for the best meat injector, or for the perfect home gardening product, we can help you locate it quickly, with our comprehensive, interesting reviews and product comparisons.   

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