Before preparing Dum Bhindi, let us look what it is actually. Bhindi, Okra or Okru means Lady’s finger in English. It is nutritious as it contains majorly water, protein and carbohydrates and just traces of fat. It is also rich in vitamins. It is available throughout the year. Besides, being healthy, It is tasty in all forms. be it stuffed, fried, in yoghurt or any other form. It is always a delicacy.


Dum Bhindi is a lip smacking dish used as a side dish in Uttar Pradesh (North India). Besides being tasty, it is rich in nutritious and for health conscious people a good news is that it is a low-fat preparation.


Let’s prepare for it. We are using easily available ingredients in it. You can find all of them in your kitchen.


INGREDIENTS – ½ kg bhindi (lady’s finger)

150 gms capsicum

250 gms tomatoes

2 large onions

¼ tsp chilli powder

¼ tsp turmeric powder

150 gms refined oil

Salt as per taste



Wash bhindi properly under running water and pat them dry.

Chop bhindi, onion, and capsicum and keep them separated.

Heat oil in a pan and add bhindi , fry it for few minutes till they become a little tender.

Take bhindi out of the pan and in the same oil add tomatoes, capsicum and

sauté for another five minutes.

Now add half fried bhindi, sprinkle over salt, chilli powder and mix well.

Cover the pan, cook for 10 minutes. Turn the bhindi slightly to let it cook evenly for another five minutes. Do not add water. Cook it on low flame.


Once you can see it cooked you can serve it hot with bread, roti, paav and any other bread you like.


A Tip- Buy Bhindi that is greener, smaller and is thin. Avoid ripen ones. They will not cook easily. To check break the raw bhindi with your hands if it breaks into two, buy it else don’t.

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