Mobile Phones Making Your Kids Awake at Night

What are Smartphones Doing to Kid’s Sleep?

The most dangerous problem nowadays is mobiles phones becoming a barrier to young generation sleep. Everyday almost all the teachers encounter students who yawns, the reason is only he/she might slept late at night. What makes them awake at night? Are they books?? In some case they can be, but most of the evil reason is mobile phones or computers. Late night snapping and surfing net has made the generation numbed.  

New researches about this issue says that cell phones, tablets etc has snatched everyone’s quality of sleep. Dr. Ben Carter did the analysis that found a regular pattern of the consequence in distinct countries. From across the world they chose 20 research projects in which their are 125,198( approx a lakh and 26 thousand) children are examined.  The sorting is done by dividing the genders and an average age of 15 years. The team of Carter discovered that children who don’t do screening at night, get equally interrupted in their sleep. They also suffer the same problem as sometimes littered bedrooms make losing eye shut. They also become prone to day sleeping and can also be included in the yawning children. Mobiles disrupts kids sleep.

Carter analysis has shocked many parents. His team founded a strong association between the children who do screening and the ones who don’t. The other reason is inadequate sleep or poor quality sleep. One more reason can be that a child sleep excessive at day time and feel sleepless at night.

Electronic bedroom 

A research conducted in USA by National Sleep Foundation observed that 72 percent children and 90 percent teens have at least one device in their bedrooms. According to Carter these devices hinders the sleep of the children by creating a negative influence. The researches explained on this research conducted that due to this their circadian rhythm is affected. This rhythm is an internal biologically fixed clock. The screening till late affects the body temperature and release of hormone. Melatonin is an hormone which induces laziness and it controls our time of waking up or sleeping off process. The screening detains the melatonin release, disturbs the cycle and makes  sleep harder to the children. Research also found that children who are allowed by the parents to keep phones at night are more prone to the problem.

Practice a good and hygienic sleep

Sleep plays an integral role in child’s development. Here’s how can you make your child sleep hygienic.

  • Make your children room that is quiet and peaceful. Doing so will facilitate good quality sleep.
  • Remove the items that can disturb his/her sleep which can be TV or mobiles. 
  • Never let your pets sleep in your children’s room as their noise can hinder your child sleep.

Sleep is vital for every children in the process of brain development, immune system, good memory, cardiovascular system etc. Parents should take care of their children to not let them  get interfere with sleep hygiene. Parents should take care of their children hygiene. Make their habit of going off to sleep as early as possible in the night. Do not let them exercise before sleeptime as it will disturb the sleep. Maintain their regular schedule of waking up and sleeping off. Be strict to them over consume of alcohol and caffeine at night.

Early to rise, and early to bed is a great great words said. Follow them for a change.

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