Get Rid of Belly Fat

Belly fat is a serious problem nowadays.  Everyone have visceral fat on the belly because it provides cushioning around your organs but too much of it can be dangerous as it can create severe problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases etc. If a person gains too much weight then his/her body starts to store fat in unusual places. Over weighted person have full regular areas to store fat that the fat is deposited into another organ and near or around to the heart. We can overcome this problem by doing exercise and eating good nutrients diet. Here I have outlined the best possible ideas that will help you to reduce belly fat faster. Before going ahead let us discuss the causes of the fat belly.



-Poor diet.


-Stress and sleeplessness.

-Excessive alcohol intake.


-Overdose of sugar and salt in diet

-Physical inactivity.


-The habit of dining late at night.

-Consuming carbonated drinks.

Tips to Reduce Belly Fat:


Drink Lemon with honey

Lemon helps to get rid of the belly fat easily. Make it a habit every day of drinking lemon and honey in lukewarm water every morning empty stomach. I am assuring you will get the result on your belly and even on your face in a week time.

Healthy Vinegar syrup;

Vinegar washes away belly fat in a week or two. In a glass of lukewarm water add a teaspoon of vinegar and drink it daily you will notice the rapid change on your stomach.

Eat healthy diet

Eat grains as they melt stomach fat faster. Eat food that contains protein as to make the internal organs strong.  Eat vegetables like jackfruit, broccoli etc that are rich in protein. Eat fresh fruits on a regular basis like banana, peaches, figs etc.

Say no to carbonated drinks and caffeine

A carbonated drink increase belly fat 25 percent faster because the soda in drinks doesn’t dissolve in waste and helps to increase visceral fat on the belly. Go for juices and lime water instead that will help to maintain the metabolism rate cutting the fat from the body. Avoid caffeine also as it contains sugar that will make your body fluffy.

Hydrate your body

Dehydration creates water retention and you suffer constipations. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily. Water helps to reduce the belly fat and flushes all the wastes and toxins out of your body and moreover, it will make your stomach clean and healthy.

Drink Green tea-

Green tea helps to cut the overall fat of the body. So, try to drink green tea at least twice a day to keep yourself healthy going. It will be good if you take the green tea while having your breakfast.

 Reduce overall body fat

Bulging belly grows as the body fat increases. Try to reduce your body weight, You need to burn more than you take in order to lose weight. Never go for ‘no eating’ as it is medically unsafe and could put you in starvation mode which will reduce your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose weight.

Say no to dining late at night-

This is the main thing one should mind and keep care of. Now a day’s people use to come late at night from the offices and eat the dinner very late which loads your tummy and you sleep with the full filled tummy. This is wrong because at night while sleeping your body get rid of unwanted fat but when you are filled than your body doesn’t make its way to cut off the fat and it will create reflux and indigestion also. So, try to dine early as possible about 2 hours before sleeping.

 Avoid junk food-

Avoid fast food that is the main cause for bulging stomach. Avoid them as they reduce our metabolism level and create a scarcity of water level in the body. Instead, eat dry fruits like almonds and apricots which help our body to stop build up the belly fat.

Never stop moving

Get a pedometer and aims to walk more every day. Build a target to take 4 to 5 thousand steps every day. Try to take stairs instead of elevators. Keep on sitting will store fat in the belly and makes you lazy but it is not late you can start with it today and see the result without doing heavy exercises and your junk food.

Do meditation every day

Sit down with folded legs on a mat or ground putting your hands on your knees. Tuck in your stomach and count till 10 and leave the breathe then again count it for more time than before say 15, then 20 and goes on like this every day. You can feel the tuck in the belly after the exercise only.

Do yoga

Yoga helps you to have both inner peace and strong body. The best yoga for belly fat is ‘naukasana’ that is a boat pose and ‘kapalbhati’. Try to do these before the sunrise as it will be more beneficial than doing after the sunrise.

Do stretches and crunches

Stand straight and try to spread your legs with dropping your body with hand straight. Do it till you can spread and wait for 5 minutes and again follow the same procedure. For crunches, you should stand straight and bend your knees half and put both of your hands in the forwarding direction and hold on. Wait for 5 minutes and again take the position and repeat the procedure.this will help your abdominal part to cut off the fat.

Do vigorous exercises

Stand against the wall and push it with great force running continuously. It will trim your fat very fast. Do swimming when you get time as it cuts of the visceral fat quickly than any other exercise will. Do treadmill daily and check your time how far you are going every day. Do running at least for half an hour.

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