Everything You Need to Know About Organizing Your House

Home Organization Ideas

The arrangement of different stuff in a house is an index into the lives of the people who live in it. Home organization is the most crucial and tiring task. While organizing the house, it’s necessary to make everything look aesthetically pleasing and be easily accessible. Here are a few tricks to arrange essential stuff in your house in a neat and comfortable manner-



Footwear scattered all over the living room gives out the worst impression of the people living in the house. Footwear must all be arranged neatly in the porch or entrance way to the house in a rack or shelf. The floor underneath should be free so that it can be regularly cleaned. Make sure to leave all the footwear out in the entrance hall.



Hang an artistic key holder in the hall or in any of the rooms and place all the keys right there. If not, place a separate bowl for just the keys. This way none of the keys will ever be misplaced or lost.



Make great use of these to hold vases and bowls that look decorative. Place bowls with colored marbles on the furniture in the living room, and place decorative bowls on the windowsill, if possible. Don’t put on excessive items as it tends to take away the charm. Keep minimal, pleasing show pieces on these surfaces.



Whether a work table or a study table, it’s necessary to keep the desktop always arranged neatly. Never stuff tables with too many things. Keep enough space for a laptop, to write stuff and to study. Only place a pen-holder with a good collection of pens and just a diary or a book. Keep all the stationery items and files in the drawers in a neatly arranged manner.



Use the drawers smartly. Keep all the things that need not be placed on the tables or any other place outside, in the drawers. But, organize these things well. For instance, if placing all stationeries in the drawers, arrange gem clips, pins and the like, in separate small partitions.



The most important part of organizing a household, arranging the wardrobe can be pretty tricky. Arrange the clothes according to your needs. Arrange every type of outfit separately. Separate sleepwear, inner garments, dresses for formal and casual occasions and every other dress you own. Decide clearly on how to arrange everything so that it’s accessible whenever you need.



Arrange decorative pillows neatly on the couch but don’t use too many. Always make beds and keep neatly folded blankets. Also, there’s room under the bed. Use it to store extra clothes or other old items that are not used often.



The dressing table should be always kept neat and regularly cleaned. Keep only items that need to be accessed immediately on the dress tops. Regularly used items like sunscreens and makeup items should be kept on top in a decorative tray. Keep all other lesser used items in the drawers. Keep jewelry always in jewelry boxes. Place the earrings in fancy holders, if there are any, and keep them on the dressing table tops.



Arrange a proper kitchen workstation placed with every ingredient needed for cooking. Place salt, sugar and other such regularly used items on this workstation. Compartmentalize these for better access. Keep all the canned goods and spices in shelves in the store room for easy access. Keep pots and pans in the store room as well.



Always have many shelves in the house. Shelves not only accentuate the look and feel but can also be used pretty well to store stuff. In the living room, have open shelves and display all awards, photo frames, and every beautiful showpiece. For the dining room, have transparent glass shelves and place all the beautiful cutlery in a neat manner. In the bedrooms, have shelves with show pieces or even flower vases on display.



In the bathroom, keep all the bathing and hair care products neatly arranged on the shelves. Have separate soap boxes, and holders for mouth-care products. Place hand-wash near the basin always, and keep all products where they can be easily accessed.



Always have a separate bag for putting in the used clothes. Washing the clothes, drying them or hanging them, all these tasks should happen in a room especially assigned for laundry. Keep the washing machine and preferably, the ironing stands there. Have the clothes folded in that room so that there’s no mess in the house.

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