Expert Strategies to Get Rid of Clutter Piling Up!

Here I bring you wow-some secrets of pros to get rid of clutter in a short time.

Look around at the well-arranged homes, successful business premises or offices of senior officials. One aspect that they all share in common is the absence of unsightly accumulations of books or files, documents, clothes or appliances, household products and machinery.

Everything is put into place so very neatly as if nothing irrelevant has been retained. Maybe you felt the same way about cleaning up and getting rid of those old newspapers, tins, and bottles, clothes and shoes but never get around to doing it!

It is understandable that trash builds up in the daily process of cooking, for instance. Cleaning up the rooms will result in dust and dirt being swept up and disposed of. What becomes a problem is the purchase of loads of unnecessary stuff simply because the offers were very attractive. Shopping is a compulsion with some people and a form of recreation that slowly results in the accumulation of junk.

Take a good look at the wardrobe and the office desk, assuming that every home has such a home-office corner. Start sorting out clothes never worn for years and the various files and documents that are no longer important or useful such as Cash receipts that have accumulated over many years and certificates of deposits that have now lapsed, canceled check books and periodic bank statements. Some people hang on them in fear of things going wrong. They can go now many years after they were valid. Maybe the reference number could be noted or soft copies made with the scanner in the computer.

Some of the same approaches would apply to offices and shops, small businesses like restaurants, photography studios, and pharmacies.

  1. Perhaps it is insecurity that compels you to hang on to everything as if for dear life. Home insurance is necessary in such a case. Go for insurance to get rid of clutter and unnecessary receipts and statements.
  2. Get into the recycle idea and that is when you realize that we can do our bit to save the earth. Donate some old stuff that you would be willing to dump in the dustbin. Metals and plastics, rubber and electronic items could go into the recycle bag.
  3. Getting charitable is important too, feel compassionate about the homeless and the victims of disasters that occur regularly and the refugees. Besides donating money, many of the things idling around your property would help individuals and families in many ways. Garments and blankets are some ways you could help genuinely charitable agencies. Charity is a good deed plus it will help you get rid of clutter too.
  4. The process of eliminating things either to burn in the backyard or throw in the rubbish dump could start one room at a time. Count the number of tables and desks, wardrobes and cupboards, perhaps the loft and the storeroom too. Take it one at a time over the weekend. Sifting through would also result in cleaning up, another serious issue that often gets neglected through long stretches of time. Keep the cleaning solutions, brushes and clothes ready to get into action simultaneously.
  5. You need an aggressive approach because clutter is the result of taking things lying down and accepting helplessness. It is nothing unusual though, and occasional cleaning results in refreshed states of mind. Work improves and moods elevate and children study better in neat surroundings. The problem is the time and labor involved.
  6. While shopping is compulsory and necessary on a periodic basis, we often do too much of it. Perhaps buying things fills a vacuum somewhere deep inside and companies do everything they can to make offers very attractive. Say no to impulsive shopping. No wonder they keep making new models all the time! Next time the advertisement or sales guy reaches you, ask yourself whether it is really needed. Can you afford it? Will it become a sweet gift or another item of rubbish over the years? Perhaps we deserve to pamper ourselves just that little bit, but avoid getting carried away every time.
  7. Sorting helps a lot! For smaller items that easily fit into cardboard cartons or wooden boxes, sort them out with labels like ‘Donate,’ ‘Useful,’ ‘Get rid of’ and ‘Throw in the trash.’ That little trick would make clear what happens to those little things that managed to survive all those years around the home.
  8. A word about software that easily duplicates entire family photo albums that have been in a dilapidated condition for years. Monochromes look so much better that way, perhaps with colorful borders. Share the pictures online with social media and get rid of the unsightly prints, keeping a few for sentimental reasons. Don’t destroy those images dear to the heart though.
  9. Books and music, movies and songs going digital, no waste of space will be necessary. Store them in the cloud where they will not be lost.
  10. Whatever you buy, whether furniture or art pieces, keep the dimensions of the home in mind. You know exactly how much space is available to accommodate new purchases, whether in cupboards, store rooms or the living room. The same idea also applies to buying within a budget level. If clothes are too many and you want a new cupboard, try the reverse of getting rid of the older, now redundant clothes.
  11. Just like junk folders online, maintain a place or corner, container or box to store junk, at least temporarily until you decide what to do with them. That would depend upon the sort of personality you have and the circumstances. If you lived in the same home for two decades, chances are greater that a lot of junk has piled up. Changes of residence or an official transfer automatically gets rid of junk during the packaging and transport process.
  12. Perhaps it is time to lead a more frugal life, especially in older age. Take a spiritual approach and practice an austere life, not only by cutting down on luxuries but also regulating thoughts and emotions. A few rounds of meditation would bring peace and a stress-free life, concentrating on essentials and getting rid of mental chaos. With a disciplined mind, perhaps the exterior would also reflect the same order.
  13. Look forward to making some money from selling all those unnecessary things. Contribute some time and labor though, besides spending on some cleaning materials. This is a twin-win as you will have heavier pockets and you can also get rid of clutter. 
  14. Get more interested in people and relationships, not physical objects. Research proves that happiness is derived from experiences and people, not so much from things. Accumulation of things must have its limitations. Learn to reject, discard, say ‘no’ and lead a clutter free life.


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