Incredible Kitchen Design Ideas from Pros

Why is uncomplicated patterned decoration idea profitable for contemporary kitchens?  Kitchen design and decoration are the most concerned subjects of modern day interior decoration It is another discussion that would brief how some simple actions can establish a beautiful cooking place. The article doesn’t belong to promotional article category. Therefore, readers may be satisfied with the neutral approach. It would supply simple thoughts for all types of pantry decoration.

Three things are being followed here;

  1. Stylish
  2. Easy accessing
  3. Budget friendly

If these aspects can maintain parity, then every class of people can get their point of attraction. These modern stylish kitchen design ideas are trying to be the element of mass.

Where you cook and spend a lot of time, every day that space should be very joyful and lively. Simple ideas can make a boring space very exciting. Whether you have a small kitchen space or huge, simplicity can adore every passage. Some hidden storages, compact cabinets, polished countertops, hanging system, impactful backsplashes and classy appliances are using to create different style statements.


Kitchen Pattern creation:

Styling the kitchen design based on a specific pattern is a strong way. Many designers are taking this method to decorate different cooking space.

Firstly, select a pattern that would match or contrast the rest of the house decoration.

Secondly, explore marble tiles for floors, backsplashes, and walls by following your pattern.

Thirdly, select the color where you are not installing marble tiles.

Fourthly, apply the cabinet ideas and select the countertops.

Fifthly, kitchen appliances must come under serious concern.

These five primary steps can complete the patterned kitchen ideas. The sides are not only highlighting the spectacle but also these are focusing on the functional aspects. A few well-mounted thoughts can fulfill the method.



White patterned kitchen designwhite is the symbolic color of sophisticated, lively and soothing pantry design, though this color is very delicate for kitchens. As oil, spices and other elements can leave traces on several spaces, therefore, owners don’t try it. Now, the tiles and paints have manufactured in a different style to erase the bad record. The Carrara White Marble tiles have a polished texture so it doesn’t catch the marks easily and the glossy paints are supporting it. Therefore, people can think about white countertops, tiles and marble bricks for their kitchen. The designers say using white colored cabinets under the polished white countertops would be a simple and great choice. Stainless steel appliances can increase this pattern more. Kitchen cum dining spaces can use this simple color pattern. This way injects peace in body and mind.

modern kitchen

Such pantries can use a contrast method as well. While owners are creating a white pattern, then application of sealed wood can match with the idea. Just install a long sealed wooden cabinet in the middle of the kitchen. The ready-made cabinet would have a perfect countertop and sealing to give protection. This kitchen can use wood look porcelain on the floor as well. It means to decorate the gas over surrounding with the white marble, wall cabinets and backsplashes (this space can be extended up to two or three sides of the space), install Walnut color elements (porcelain flooring and sealed wood cabinet) in the middle and hang English Antiques in various spaces.


Bold color patterns are used to integrate the lively factor in small apartments’ kitchens. Generally, living in a compact apartment can bring boredom in life. The expert says that people should use some remodeling tidbits to regather the enthusiasm of life. Use red colored tiles in the backsplashes, because red is a bold and enthusiastic color. If owners have pre-installed cabinets, then don’t remove that, just alternate the countertops. Modern dark colored quartz countertops can be a powerful choice. Sometimes people can reset their appliances in a stylish way to break the same vision of the space.


These ways can be created by the owners. The examples would help them to get a guideline for new designing (1st ex) and remodel (2nd & 3rd ex).


Why is it practical?

Investing on the kitchen remodeling can be very pathetic for the owners. Yes, it is true that pantry is the heart of a house, but that doesn’t mean, owners have to invest a lot on it every year. Therefore, the kitchen remodeling should have budget friendliness. If people are designing a new interior, the use of long lasting elements would be gainful.

This article provides the ideas by following three aspects (wrote at the top). Now just match the aspects with the examples.

  • Porcelain is manufactured to reduce the cost of real wood elements.
  • Carrara users wouldn’t push the cost beyond budget.
  • Cabinets and accessories can be availed in the online stores. Buyers can wait for a few for the bumper deals.

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