Must have Home Appliances

Essential Home Appliances

Home Appliances are electrical or mechanical machines that does a particular work for home”.


Air conditioner :

The Air-conditioner was invented in 19th century by Willis Carrier. It helps to change the temperature and humidity of the air and distribute this conditioned air to an occupied space. Air-conditioner helps to lower the temperature, improves thermal comfort and aims to provide an indoor air quality that remains relatively constant in spite of alterations or changes in external weather. Heat and humidity make even a simple work like a burden while having a good air conditioning in a place helps you to perform the work peacefully and in the best possible way. The lower temperature of the place also helps to reduce dehydration by removing perspiration and makes you feeling light.


Ceiling fan :

The ceiling fan is a mechanical device invented in 1860’s and is usually powered by electricity. Fans do not directly change the temperature of the air rather it moves it in a circular motion. The blades of the fan help to push and reverse the direction of an air. The indoor air created by fan speeds the evaporation of human’s perspiration and helps to make the mechanism of your body more efficient. It is a healthy way of removing sweat rather than Ac, as it uses the natural and fresh air that surrounds and just changes its direction. Also, the roofs without ceiling fans look blank so they also help make your roofs look appealing and act as beautiful accessories because of its design.



A dishwasher first came in reports in 1850’s and is used for cleaning and washing the used utensils. It removes the waste by spraying hot water at the dishes directly. A mixture of water and detergent is showered by the pump. Water automatically gets drained and once again hot water is circulated, rinsing of utensils starts. Utensils are then dried and this dried up cycle is used to remove the strain of water from the dishes. It is more water efficient rather than washing dishes by hands. It is smart and cheaper way which could be run to wash your utensils when you are not at home or even at night when you are on your bed.


Blow dryer :

The blow dryer was invented in 19th century by Alexander f. It is a mechanical device electrically powered to blow hot air above the wet or moist hair to evaporate the water and dry the hair. It helps to have control over the hair style by forming a short term hydrogen bond inside each strand and become extremely vulnerable to humidity. The style becomes the way you want and vanishes with a single washing. The different heat levels are there on the dryer to adjust the temperature. The high heat is for thick or rough hair and low heat option for thin and weak hair.


Electric iron :

First century B.C was remarked as the century when metal pans were filled with hot coals. The first controlled electric iron appeared in 1881. An electric iron has a flat and rough surface which helps to remove creases from the clothes when heated. When the cloth is heated the fiber extends and the cloth material maintains the new shape. The combination of heat and pressure helps to remove creases easily. The circular dial on the iron helps you to control the temperature and is marked as- silk, wool, cotton etc. which helps to maintain the shine of the particular fabric.


Sewing machine :

Sewing machines were first invented during the industrial revolution to lessen the amount of manual work in sewing cloth companies. They are designed for a single person to sew and are a single stitched type. This machine is used to stitch fabric together with a thread. They are a time saver as compared to stitching and sewing by hand. The sewing machine helps to sew your torn clothes immediately, you only need to put the thread in the needle of it and the machine fitted inside will do the rest of the work by itself. Automatic machines are used in factories to sew plenty of clothes and this automatic motor fitted in it help to reduce manual work and can sew up to thousands of clothes in a single day.


Vacuum cleaner :

The vacuum cleaner is made in 1869 which helps to suck up the dust and unclean matter from floors and other surfaces.  After sucking the dirt, it collects this dirt in a dust bag fitted in it for later disposal. A fan in vacuum cleaner works with the help of a motor and this fan creates less pressure inside the machine. The atmospheric pressure pushes this inner air of the cleaner on the floor or carpet and then this dust is pushed automatically inside the dust bag. It helps to protect the furniture and make it look new by removing dust even from its little space. It is a great thing to remove dust from the wooden floor as it works without water and if the wooden floor is clean with a wet rug it will spoil the floor.


Washing machine :

The washing machine was invented in the mid-19th century and is used to wash clothes. Nowadays, automatic machines are common in which manual work is just to hang the clothes on the wire. Washing machines help to remove the stain by washing clothes clockwise and anti-clockwise. The detergent is added to mix with water and then the machine work automatically. There are many circular buttons on the machine to set for heavy, light, fuzzy etc. clothes. It sounds an alarm on the time you have set for the clothes to inform you that clothes are ready to hang.


Television :

Television is an electrical appliance invented between late 19th and early 20th century. It is a medium for transferring sound signals with moving images. It is a medium for entertainment, education, news etc. Television helps us to be aware of the incidents happening around us in the form of news. TV refreshes your mind when you have no work to do. Television helps us to stay away from a particular thinking for which you are in stress. It entertains you through films and serials. It is controlled by a remote which helps to select the channel you want to see.


Home Inverter:  Home inverter is no more a luxury. Rather It is a necessity these days because approaching summer gives sweats thinking of frequent power cuts. Inverters facilitate power backup system when the electricity goes off. Inverters come in three types: Square wave inverter, modified sine wave inverter and pure sine wave inverter each with own pros and cons. There is no best inverter for all purpose. Your needs matter.



The refrigerator was invented in the 18th century and it is a most important appliance in a house that consists of a heat pump which helps to pump out the heat from inside the fridge to help it remain cooled. The reduced temperature of fridge helps to reduce the bacteria reproduction rates. The refrigerator maintains its temperature few degree above the freezing point of water. It helps to preserve for example sweets, bread, meat etc. for a longer time and can be consumed after 2-3 days. It is also helpful in hospitals where some medicines or injection are meant to be kept in low degree temperature.


Window fan or exhaust :

The exhaust fan is made to be placed on the window of the house in the 17th century to maintain the temperature within. Exhaust fans are a must in the kitchen as it helps to blow away the stream made by cookers in the kitchen out rather than moving it inside the house. Exhaust fans illuminate the humidity from the house and make the atmosphere healthy and clean. They are placed in factories and offices to get rid of the humidity made by gadgets like Ac’s, fridge etc which pumps out a large amount of heat from them.


Geyser :

Geysers are water heaters invented in 1889 which heat the water on a temperature you have set. There are 2 types of geysers i.e. electric and gas geysers. Gas geysers are cheap than electric ones and are very common nowadays. Geysers convert the electrical energy into heat energy with the help of an element i.e. heat exchanger present inside the geyser which gets heated when current moves in the geyser’s circuit. There are an inlet and outlet situated on the bottom of the geyser, inlet cold water, and outlet to give hot water. Electric geyser takes time but gas geyser makes the water hot within few second and saves electricity up to 70%.



A laptop is a small, portable personal computer which you can keep on your laps. It combines all computer units in itself, be it input unit, an output unit, speakers etc. when looking to buy a laptop look for the operating system, memory, screen size, specification, battery capacity, brand and above all your budget.



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