What is Motherhood?

A quote from Elizabeth stone – “having a child is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body”. Motherhood is a bliss.

It can be defined appropriately by individual experiences. In a simple manner, it means the act of raising and upbringing children. It means to accept responsibility and challenge that life brings. Motherhood is how one stretches her heart which she never thought of doing so. A beautiful demonstration of Motherhood is that baby and mother have each other’s intact cells inside forever…as a mother have with her mother and she with hers and so on…

Motherhood means being kind and gentle, being honest and strong and encouraging independence of her children. It means letting her children think they are bulletproof so they feel they are safe. It’s encouraging children to learn new things and motivates them to accept challenges of life and face them without fear. It is an unconditional love in which a mother does countless sacrifices for her children and supports to chase their dreams. From the day a child is born, he/she will test the patience of his/her mother. No matter what they do and what they say, the only mother can understand them and fulfill their desires. A mother only can let her child feel constrained by gender roles. Mother never thinks if a child is a girl or a boy, her love will be equal for all her children.

Motherhood is following a certain philosophy, mothers, as a whole, are truly bound by a common goal: to raise the next generation to best of her abilities. A mother empowers and advocates her children to engage in society in a meaningful way. Motherhood is holiest and selfless service which is given as a gift by Almighty God and is a key to his plan of happiness and joy for all his children. It is assumed as a heavenly job created by God before this life. God Almighty has chosen mothers to carry the responsibility of providing physical bodies for his children through the pregnancy process and giving birth. Both God and mother are two sacred persons who are partners in love and sacrifice in one’s life.

Motherhood is one of Gods excellent gift to humanity and gives an opportunity to remain young forever. A mother is a vital person in the development of her child. A child learns all the virtues and principles from his/her mother. A child learns skills that enable him/her to live in a society and boost mental and emotional development. She teaches her child important rules and roles of life. As a child grows up he/she face different opinions and values from others and from social sites too. Only a mother can guide her child to figure out their goals in life.

Biologically also, all the mothers are planned for the sacrifice of their children as per old Jewish saying “God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made mothers” so there is no other more powerful nurturing on the planet than a mother herself. When pregnant, a mother’s body has clear vision attention to nurture that is growing inside her womb and to one’s surprise, her body will automatically treat the needs of her baby inside. And this gift isn’t only biological even after her child comes out of her womb she will continue to sacrifice and fulfill all the desires of her child. And no matters how old is a man, he will always remain that small child for his mother

Despite all the above, mothers are the greatest treasure one can have because they don’t give up easily. They carry on worrying and praying for their children. When one’s children become successful and are interdependent, a mother feels blessed that their hearts are in the correct place and she feels proud of her children.

Motherhood also makes a mother to experience the hardest trials of life. At nights she only wakes up and takes care of her child. A mother can feel pain if her baby is not well. She is the one who takes care of her baby’s hygiene, she changes diapers and takes care of what her baby is wearing is comfortable or not. Though this parade is restless and difficult it also gives inner calmness and immense satisfaction to all the mothers and at the end, I would like to say Motherhood is giving a large fine piece of cake to her child and being ok for not having and feels happy for her child eating her piece too.

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