10 Essential Keys to a Successful Marriage

Whether you are a newly married couple or refer yourselves as the boring old married couple, you should know that every marriage comes with its fare of ups and downs. Well, it might sound like cliché, but this is what makes a successful marriage. The course also consists of times when a couple suffers from boredom, poor communication, and stress.

Marriage doesn’t mean that you tie the knot and the work is over.

You have to work on it to keep it growing healthy and happy. It doesn’t work on its own and everything else in life, you need to keep rewarding and appreciating it from time to time. This is considered to the best way to maintain a marriage.

Maintaining a healthy marriage doesn’t mean that you have to clean the toilet once in a while or taking the trash to the dustbin every night. The effort you need to make in making a marriage a successful one includes the work that makes your spouse happy and is fun and therapeutic. There was a survey conducted on this recently. The contestants were asked to divulge the key to a successful marriage.

Make sure you read the below mentioned 7 essential tips that can help you in making your marriage a successful one.

Independence in marriage is vital

When the contestants were asked about their independence in marriage, both men and women rated it as extremely important to have a happy relationship. In order to spread happiness in the world and the surrounding, one needs to be happy first. Couples need to keep this in mind that both of the husband and the wife need to find their personal time out of their busy schedules and spend it with their spouse. They can enjoy their personal hobbies if they want or spend some time apart.

This helps their relationship breathe and they do not feel burdened or suffocated in a relationship. You will notice that when you are away from your spouse for a certain period of time, the love and concern grows for each other. You get to reunite with your spiritual side when you spend time alone.

You get to re-establish your inner sense of peace, happiness and check in with the progress of your own personal preferences, focus, and life goals. When you are dependent, your mind, body weaken and you loosen the ability to think and grow as an individual. When you try to maintain your inner sense of self, you can always have something to at least talk about at dinner. This way you tend to be healthier and attractive to your partner forever.

It is okay to say no

Being a happy and comfortable couple doesn’t mean that both of you would agree on the same thing every time and on every little thing. Most contestants that participated in the survey have a difference of opinions, varying attitudes, and belief systems. Mostly they also had a different point of views from their spouses in most of the cases.

The couples should have a certain level of disagreement somewhere at least. The loving couples respected each other’s decisions and point of views on different things. They also had a sense of humor over the things that they didn’t connect with their partner. You need to recognize that your relationship consists of two different people and personalities. It is not always possible that one of you has to be right. Want your relationship to grow as a healthy and strong one, start respecting each other’s decisions and thoughts.

Listen more than you say

While women should pay attention to listening more in a relationship but at the same time, men should also learn the art of paying special attention as well. More often, it is seen that men do not realize that all their partner need from them is their time to listen to what they are saying. They expect men to have this quality due to women’s programming and the way they are taught to relate with others the same way.

Men should remember the difference between listening and hearing. Both have different meanings. Listening is what you have to do it with your heart. Open your heart and listen to what she has to say. Look at her while she speaks to you. If you listen to your wife with all your heart, you will soon understand that how easy it is in making your marriage a successful marriage.

Strengthen the Intimacy

Sex is the dose for a happy marriage.

Always try to keep romance and sexual intimacy alive. Take out some time from your hectic schedule to reconnect, relax, enjoy each other. Touch your partner often. Communicate your love freely. Have sex even if you are not in a mood just to honor your partner’s feeling.

Introduce sexy role plays, interesting positions, add props, watch a sexually romantic movie together. Try everything you find to make your sex life interesting.

Talk to your partner in the language of LOVE

You might have come across hundreds of books out there that explain you the languages of love. This is a psychological concept developed ages back which explains that every individual has his or her unique way to communicate love. If you know your partner’s hobbies and preferences, you can use the metaphors to communicate with them that will relate to something the person is acquainted with.

When you are in a relationship, you might have observed the physical way how your partner shows love to you. It could be doing the small household chores for you or helping him do the toiletries, etc. figure out what your partner uses as a love language so that you will know how you can speak to him or her. Leading a happy marriage has a lot to do with understanding each other’s language of love.

Accepting each other

Not accepting or a lack of acceptance is a common trait that is attributed to females who are known for long-time nagging. Not accepting your spouse the way he or she is a major relationship killer. You need to understand that you had married the person for who he or she was back then and even if you want to change them now, it won’t happen. When you are persuading or urging him or her, you are only thinking of their weak points and not focusing on the positive traits. Focus on what qualities your spouse has and for what you said “yes” for the marriage. Do this and you will see how beautiful your relationship grows.

Be Faithful Sexually

Faithfulness in marriage is much more than sexual fidelity. Love your partner immensely. Being faithful give you peace of mind. So, a faithful person can focus on his marriage. Faithfulness boosts the quality of your sex life.

Guard your sexuality and devote yourself to your partner fully

The faithful person has a clear mind and pure soul. You need to put some efforts and it is not that complicated. Keep aware of the negative consequences. The thrill of unfaithfulness fades out eventually. Resist to see or do anything that hampers your faithfulness.

Taking each other’s responsibility

When you take responsibility for one another and each other’s needs, you know you are taking small steps to grow into a healthy couple and a successful marriage. When you have a disagreement or an argument on something, make sure to take responsibility for your words and action. Apologize when you hurt your spouse with heartfelt words or thoughtful sayings.

Never take your partner for granted

When you talk about the most toxic pathogen that kills a relationship like a virus, it is taking one another for granted. When a couple becomes comfortable in each other’s space, it becomes easy for them to start slipping into a complacent state and start expecting from each other. This is nothing sort of absurd and is a human nature when you become comfortable with a person in the family, you start taking them for granted for whatsoever reason. Make sure to respect your partner no matter what the reason is. Stay away from assumptions and pledge to do nice things for your partner whenever possible.

Don’t Talk Divorce or Separation

Do not give threats of separating or leaving even if you do not intend to. Many couples threaten their partners to divorce in order to control. Relationship experts say they see more separations among such couples. Couples practicing this immature strategy are more likely to see separation come to reality.

Most of the happy couples swear by these easy and effective marriage tips. You can also go through these essential tips to have a successful marriage. This way, you will not only be able to save your alliance but also relish a happy and cheerful life with your spouse.