10 Thing to do with Unromantic Partner

‘My partner is so unromantic’. This is the statement more than 60% women records. It seems Asian men are born without romantic gene. They forget auspicious days, occasions, dates and plans. Women tends to read lot of novels, watch bollywood movies and expect their real life be the same. It is ROMANCE they crave for. They wish their partner be Apollo or Romeo. But actually the scenario differs. They often complains about their unromantic partner.

Well to sit and cry is no good idea. Look on for different things nudge then in right way.

Set RULES list:

Spelling exactly what you want is more romantic than playing the guessing game and finally upsetting your partner. Set an outlay of things you wish for and let him plan accordingly.

Public display of affection :

Little hints of affection teaches him that romance is in small things. He don’t need to strive hard to get it. This way he learns all this without you actually being a tutor


Tell him frankly what all you want to keep things rosy. State simply romance for you is not unnecessary side-effect of relationship. You need it to keep your relation high.

Compliment his efforts:

Praise ane venerate all what he do to keep you happy. It will keep him motivated and clubbed in you love willingly.

Romance with his ideas:

Explore and find romance in what he is into. If he is a sportsperson, go out and play with him, if he is gym freak help him in his fitness module in anyway you can. Assist him in his diet plans etc. Praise his assets. Do not shelve his rules, instead try loving him in his ways.

Write Secretly but let him know:

write secret diaries and keep them in his reach. He would love read and act to make you feel special.

Make small things buzz:

Make him realize he do not need to stand on eiffel tower and shout loud love for you, nor he need to be Shah Jahan and build monuments for you. Small efforts make difference. Tell him how you would like him preparing bed tea for you. Let his little assistance in kitchen makes a difference to you.

Make all days your Special:

Do not just count on and wait for special occasions to go out  for fun, dinner, disc. Plan randomly for him. Cook for him, his special menu. Play his favorite music when he is around. Let him know romancing do not require lots of efforts.

Be romantic yourself:

If he still do not change. Take charge yourself. Be what you want him to be. Surprise him with something special, Plan something funny, romantic or sexy. Compliment him for what look fab on him and keep hinting what you crave for.

Practice all these traits. He will never be unromantic partner again.

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