Guys Women Must Date Before They Find a ‘Perfect One’

The ‘right guy’ never just comes along. A woman always has to go through loads of experiences in dating before finding the right one. Some are good experiences while others are just painful. Although a woman will eventually find out the one she wants to be with forever, there are a few guys to date in order to know what she’s actually looking for. Here are the guys who almost fit the bill for the ‘right one’ except for the fact that they have some character flaws. Have fun knowing…


Guys to Date Before Marriage



Admit it, ladies. He’s the most attractive of the lot. He has the ultimate good looks and a body that’s equally appealing. He’s quite disciplined and women love him because he’s irresistible. But, a few days into the relationship, you’ll realize that the gym is his first love and that he’s way into his looks. His self-obsession will soon put you off and you’ll realize that amazing looks aren’t the only thing you want.


He’s the spoilt brat and the party-animal. He doesn’t mind spending any amount on his fun parties. He pampers his woman a lot and spends lavishly on her needs. You’ll enjoy his fun spirit in the beginning but soon you’ll realize that he’s not the guy who wants to settle down. Since you want a more mature relationship, you’ll probably decide to move on from this one.


The sweetest of the lot, he’s intelligent and nice. With him, you get to widen your knowledge and have good conversations. While he’s the one you’d almost fall for, there’s a small hitch. Books are his first priority and you are second, so there may be more study dates than romantic ones. And that might be the reason you’ll get bored and crave for attention.


He’s the coolest of the lot. He’s fashionable, adventurous and easy-going. He is fun to chill with and he likes it when you’re physically intimate. But, he might have problems conveying his feelings. It’s this emotional unavailability of his that’ll make you question if he really likes you or not. And that will leave you wanting a relationship that’s more serious.


He’s the one with all the right things to say. He knows how to flatter you and make you feel special. He’s romantic. But the only problem is that he tends to get a bit jealous of your male friends and is very possessive. You might be left wanting for a relationship that involves more trust and one, where your freedom is valued.


He’s charming, good-looking and really nice. He’s everything you have ever wanted until you realize that he’s also seeing your best friend. This is the kind of guy who never gets satisfied with one girl. This one might break your heart, but it’s best to leave this guy and move on to someone who knows how to treat you.


He’s the worst of the lot. You’ll probably fall for him because he easily disguises himself as the gentleman. Until one day he blurts out something that offends you personally. He thinks he knows everything best and has opinions about how women should dress and behave. Ditch him right away. You deserve a lot better.


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