9 Ways to Turn Him On

Are you looking for ways to turn him on? Do you want to make him reach his boiling point where he can’t think straight what to do, what not to? Do you want to learn and know the tricks how to take your man to the Cliff of physical intimacy and watch him hang on for his beloved life?

Even though women like to be satisfied to the extreme levels every time they have sex, nothing is better than knowing that you have exactly what it takes your man to get him to bow down and that he cannot hold back. When you have the ability to make him go rounds for you and drive his desire limits wherever you want, it is something worth celebrating for you and your man.

If you want to turn him on but you think you have tried all the hit & trial methods that were possible on your behalf, you are absolutely wrong. You should clear it out that there are still some territories that you haven’t charted yet.

Most women do not believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. This surely means that someone who is a good chef can be a good partner but that doesn’t mean that he will fall in love with a Julia Carolyn Child. When you are trying to know about how to turn your partner on and fall for you, it surely doesn’t always have to be with food.

Every man on this planet wants to feel loved unconditionally just the way you do. But the difference is, it is hard for a man to express his feelings as that of a woman. The best way to turn him on is to be a girl next door, an excellent caregiver, and, believe it or not, a pro in bed. It might sound exhausting, but it shouldn’t have to be. If you want to turn your man on, all you need to do is overhaul your mindset and think about his needs just the way you do for your own.

What are the ways through which you can take your man to his extreme level and hit the point where he can actually explode? Some of the simple ways are explained below, take a look:

Building Your Anticipation Throughout the Day

When you are talking about sex, the more you take part in the event, the greater the excitement level goes up. If you want to just explode his feelings and desires when he gets home back from work, make sure to do your preparations that morning itself. When he is ready to go out for work, give him a fleeting caress on his nether region when you whisper in his ear that you will be waiting for his return. While he is at work, don’t forget to send him naughty or flirting messages and the sexiest pictures of yours.

Make sure that your husband or your boyfriend has the phone with himself while you are texting or sending him pictures because there is nothing more embarrassing than his senior or boss seeing your private messages or pictures. It would be an awkward moment for both of you to attend the next Christmas party when you would be saying hi to his boss!

Tease Him All You Can

Make it a point not to rush directly into the bed, have sex with him and just finish it off as soon as possible. Although, that is exactly what your partner would be thinking to do. But, if you take your time to slowly bring his feelings, emotions up; his explosion will be that much more exciting and pleasurable for both.

Gently kiss him across his chest, throw him some intermittent tongue, skin connection while kissing him. Kiss him all the way down to his body; spend maximum time gently kissing him in his inner thigh areas. When he feels you being so close to his sensitive parts and not by actually touching them but by kisses, this emotion will drive him out of his mind.

Learn About His Fantasy Desires And Make It Happen

Does your partner stay maximum time in his fantasy world? Does he have some special or imaginary looks that he always loved watching or wondering? Has he ever had a Desire of a sexy nurse who is standing right beside her to cure his needs? Or he desires of a uniform that is barely there with hands cuffed that excites him? Whatever the imagination is, that excites him from the round to sky high, just make it happen.

When is finally see you playing the role that he has been wondering all his life in his mind, he won’t be able to stop himself. No matter whether he will be submissive or take the charge, you have the power to play a role that he always had dreamt of; you can actually turn it into reality whenever and whenever you want.

Don’t Forget to Pleasure Yourself Too

Although it might sound absurd, men have an imaginary satisfactions to see women take their sexual desires into their own hands and enjoy the moment. So when you are actually trying to bring your man up to his boiling point, make sure to keep working on yourself too.

This action will not only make him hot enough to blow as a pressure cooker but at the same time, he also learns about how you like to be touched. No doubt that he will learn from it instantly and try to do similarly the next time to excite you.

Do a Striptease, If You Want

If you want your man to be at your service from the very next time, unleash the evil bad girl in you; show him that little slut side of yours. Make him sit on a chair and seduce him all the way by doing slow lap dance while slowly removing your clothes one by one. Don’t forget to turn on the scintillating seductive music as it will take both of you into a different level altogether.

Have Conversations on New Things

If you are trying your best to turn your guy on, you need to focus on what they want you to do. They might want to watch an adult movie with you or a TV series that you probably would watch alone, no matter what, take the step forward; watch it with him. Sometimes you might feel you know exactly what can turn your guy on but you might be wrong as well. Being open about the things that you like and what he likes can build your relationship a strong one along with it, you can learn about each other’s needs easily.

Make sure to be spontaneous no matter which day of the week it is. Your guy can turn on only by the thought that when you return home, you are spontaneously waiting for him in bed in a sexy and lavish outfit.

Watch Porn With Your Man

Some ladies really get upset about the thought that their man likes porn, but they need to know that men are visual. It is true that they don’t wish to see you look like the girl on the TV but they just want to watch the sex happening. If you want to light his fire, stop upsetting about the fact and watch porn with him. This way, you will come to know what he likes in the video that he desires of in real life. You can learn about your man’s wants to turn him on by mimicking the moves; do the moves that the girl on the video is doing.

Work on Your Kegel Muscles

The Kegel muscles are the ones that are present in the wall of your vagina. If you have a strong muscular structure, you can certainly increase his pleasure by contracting these muscles when he is ready to release. If you are wondering how these muscles work, it’s pretty much easy to condition. All you need to do is ‘contract as if you are trying to stop yourself from peeing’. You can work on it by contracting it for 4 seconds releasing it for the same. Continuing this small exercise 10 times in a row can give you the plus factor you need to make him turn on.

Take Charge on Bed

Even though men don’t like to be the ones in control, show him that your assertive side can help his sexual feelings and desires flowing. Don’t be hesitant to be a little bossy on the bed; be confident to tell him what is to be done next. Take charge of his body and think his body as your playground, you have your man in control. You do not have to go all out to get your man excited, but you can if you think that is what will excite him to the extreme. If he wants to play the submissive part, put on your leather and crack your whip.

It doesn’t matter what you do to turn your man on to make him go crazy, talk him dirty. There is so much that you can do with your dirty talk to drive his imagination wild. In a man’s world, listening to idle chatter is nothing sort of exciting or sexy. When you watch a porn Movie, you might have barely heard the girl talking about how her day went, what a long day it was, etc. If you want to turn your man on, you have to think like a man and not like a woman who is trying to please him. Try all the tips listed above and do the things going outside your comfort zone.