Finding the Right Partner- Don’t Go Looking for Same Traits

There is nothing like ‘one perfect partner’ but there are some qualities in people that you might find attractive and would be ideal for you. There are hundreds of ways through which you can find the best partner these days without having to worry too much. The dating sites, recreational activity groups, workplaces, church, etc are some of the perfect places to begin with when it comes to finding the right partner.

However, if you believe in destiny, you can find a partner anywhere without having to think about it so much. If you are destined to have a right partner, you will have it in whatsoever way. But if you are planning to find the right partner, you need to know what you are looking for and the things that you should avoid while meeting a person in personal.

If you have been through a few relationships earlier, you can figure out by focusing on the points why your past relationships did not work. Whether you should focus on finding same kind of people that will never work in future or you should look for other character traits. Do you think you are making the similar mistakes again and again in your life in choosing the right partner?

Make sure you know who you are choosing and why, only then you can do something different.

Einstein once said that if a person is doing the same mistake over and over again and is expecting a result is nothing but Insanity.

You might know if you are doing the same thing in your relationship as well.

Some traits to look for while scrutinizing the right partner

Every individual would love to spend life with a spouse who is kind, cooperative, loyal, well mannered, and emotionally stable. You might wonder, these are little boring and a lot to find in one person, but think of car crashes as an example. They sound exciting but you certainly do not want to be in one.

There are qualities in people that might seem attractive for some time, but they will not keep you excited for long. If you are looking for a healthy, productive, and relationship, consider looking for the personality traits that will help you with beneficial outcome.

A handsome moody artist can excite you at first but wait until you endure one of his violent mood swings. Exploring the dangerous and unpredictable sights in your partner can sound thrilling but at the same time it also gets you into the emotionally exhausting level. Looking for someone who will help you fill your emotional space and not drain it is important.

Partner who talks to you

Having a partner who talks to you about your important topics is worth more than a partner who is physically beautiful or has money and power. Everything else fails if the person you are married to has no time or is not interested in talking to you. If you have no time to open up with your partner, you certainly lack being in a positive relationship. You might fight or argue with your partner from time to time but if you are open about your feelings, nothing else Matters. Look for someone who pays attention what you are saying instead of doing the unnecessary talks.

Partner that makes you laugh

Laughter is the best therapy but nobody ever told that the best thing that glues up a relationship is laughter. You come across both the good and bad times in a relationship and having a partner who can release your stress in a fun way and help you come out of emotional difficult phases is worth their weight in gold.

Look for a partner who makes you laugh because if they can make you laugh at the silliest things, it means you both are mentally on the same wavelength.

If you laugh at the same things every time, it means both of you see things in the same way and desires are pretty much same. This character trait signifies that a person doesn’t take the smallest things seriously, is more laid back and forgiving.

Opposite sides attract

Although it is an old saying but it is a saying for a reason. Both of you share the similar taste on almost everything and the things that angry you about yourself will get reflected back by your partner. This means that when there is a heated moment, you are going to drive each other crazy. There will be time when you will get bored if you are exactly with a person just like you.

Having different strengths and weaknesses in a relationship is a good thing.

Try to look on both the sides of the battery.

Every battery has two poles- one positive and one negative. The battery would not work if it had either positive or both negative poles. Both the poles complement each other which make the battery function.

Similarly, relationships only work when people from two different worlds put their best efforts to make the relationship work. Your weaknesses should compliment your partner’s strength and vice versa. Having a relationship of this type will only make your bond more powerful.

Do not panic

You are in a relationship for a few months now and things are going great, and you want to get married as soon as possible because you are madly in love. If you are into this kind of a relationship, give your relationship some time to mature and see your bond get strengthened or just weak enough to let go. Try to know the person in detail before getting hitched and ruining your life forever.

Good relationship is like wine, it only gets better with the time whereas the bad relationships acts like acid and can eat you up with the passing minute.

Find out about your partner; understand about his or her behavior before jumping into life changing decisions such as marriage.

A partner that adds value to your life

Look for a partner who has a quality that inspires you to succeed in life. If your partner is ambitious or smarter than you, there is nothing harm in it because it will only keep you inspired to grow not only in terms of monetary value but as a person in real life.

Make sure you choose the one who supports your dreams and encourages you to pursue them instead of dragging you down to the pit. When you are looking for the best character traits in your partner, you should make sure that you are also providing them with the same.

A partner who treats your family as their own

If you have a partner who treats your family and friends with the same respect and love as they show towards their own, they are worth keeping. If you are looking for partner, make sure to focus on the one with the same qualities mentioned above and also be prepared to show the same love and respect in return.

You cannot find out all the good and bad traits in just your first meet. The process takes time and you might have to meet a person several times to find out more about his or her character traits.

However the universal traits are something you need to look for as it ensures happier outcome. No one is perfect, but you should consider looking for the key qualities in a partner that will keep your family life happy.

Your partner’s emotional maturity

It is true that you cannot find all the good characters in one person but make sure to know about the emotional capability. Every person has flaws and a certain level of emotional capacity. If you are looking for perfection, you need to make an idle search. Instead of looking for perfection, you can look for a person’s emotional maturity level.

You can examine someone who is non reactive and do not panic on the smallest things, the ideal choice. People who don’t tell their instant emotions are the best among the rest. People who are independent and self assured which means they don’t look at you to complete themselves.

How sensitive and respectful your partner is?

One of the most valuable qualities you need to look for in a partner is how he or she respects you. If your partner encourages you to be yourself, you can realize that you are in a secure relationship but at the same time independent within your boundaries. It is a great feeling when someone increases you in doing what makes you happy.

This is the same person that will challenge you when you are going into the self destructive moods.

This kind of a relationship is both respectful and sensitive in terms of whom you are and that separates you from your partner. When a person shows interest in your life and is passionate about you, you can make your final call in sharing lives together.

How independent you are in a relationship?

People who think marriage is something where two people come together and become one, are insane. If you merge your identity with your partner, it is not only bad for you as an individual but also bad for the relationship. When you give all your time and energy to your partner’s life without thinking of yourself, the relationship tends to go south.

This kills the passion in a relationship because only one person is given priority. The other person kills his or her interests to spend life taking care of partner’s likes and interests. You need to maintain your individuality even after pairing up. This will not only keep your partner passionate about you, but your relationship also grows stronger and trustful.

When you consider looking at a lot of things in your partner’s character traits, you might have a different idea of what is important and what is not. You might be attracted towards more specific character traits such as a good physique, work creativity, good sense of humor, etc.

Choosing a partner with the help of above listed qualities will help you find the right. Someone who is the best and will bring happiness and prosperity in your relationship.