How to Deal with Breakup

Breakup is the toughest thing one faces in the world. Coming out of it requires a lot of efforts. Keep it mind it is possible. You just need to be positive and brave to deal with breakup.


Tips to Deal with Breakup

Below listed are 14 things you should do to come out of this difficult situation.


  1. Don’t Go Insane

Do not get over dramatic or go into depression on facing breakup. Writing nasty heartbreaking letters or emails to your ex, getting high on alcohol and drugs, attempting suicides and having crazily with anyone are nasty things which can increase your pain in life. Keep yourself away from all this. Be firm and positive.


  1. Allow yourself to cry

Instead of pretending to be tough and Concealing  your feelings inside, pour it out. Don’t let the grief waves give turmoils. Repressing negative thoughts will make break down abruptly and on incorrect occasion. Accept the truth instead of denial, blurt the anger out, breathe deep and convince yourself. This too shall pass. It is normal to feel sad and in pain.

  1. Avoid Usual Hangouts and Activities

Just shun going to the places you use to go with your ex. This will make you feel sad reviving up your past. In Spite of all this plan a vacation ahead with your peers. Indulge yourself in your favorite activities and keep yourself occupied.


  1. Eat Healthy

People tend to leave eating post breakups. This is the worst thing they do to themselves. Eating your favorite food combat stress. Drink juices etc. If there is an urge to drink, ask your friends to accompany you.


  1. Delete all Contacts

Stop communicating with him by any means. Suggestions of “stay friends always” hurts.  Delete all contacts, call logs and messages that will evoke in you to go through them again and again causing stress.


  1. Disconnect on Social Media

This is one fine way to get rid of him. Block him on social platforms. Also unfollow him from everywhere. Maybe, you have a feeling of being matured enough to handle seeing him occasionally on your timeline. But, this break you more inside and out.


  1. Don’t Start Dating Someone Else

If you already had, take it slow, giving yourself time. Because breaking up again is more painful. Take some time to evaluate whether you partner is a person to go with or not.


  1. Lean on Closed Ones

You have family and friend around who love you unconditionally. Get rid of negative people who mock you. If needed, confide in anyone you can rely on. Tell them what you faced, cry on their shoulders. This will make you feel good. See there are lovely people around who are actually your well wishers.


  1. Don’t think to Get Him Back, Try to Get Yourself Back

Instead to planning ideas to get him back, pamper yourself. Indulge in something to cool you. Hit gym to keep you fit. Play your favorite outdoors, join clubs. Have a relaxing spa treatment, take a long shower. Visit a parlor for your grooming. Get busy in making arts and crafts.

All these are half wallowing and half cleansing and are helpful to overcome any stress.


  1. Recognize Yourself

Know your self worth. Meditate to get inner peace. Focus on your good qualities and convince yourself you do not deserve depression. Join a job that offers you working with great people who are happy and who make you happy.


  1. Visit a Therapist

Consider visiting a therapist if pain increases. Many people are unable to cope with pain on their own. In that case one is advised to visit a therapist. Don’t feel shame in counselling. They can offer you a better perspective that you are unable to see and give you a great advice to achieve closure.


  1. Stand by Your Decision

If you have taken this bold decision accept there was something beyond repair. Do not cry remembering good times you had with your partner. As we have tendency to only remember good times and forget the bad ones, convincing yourself they weren’t so bad actually. Playing this with will devastate you badly. Accept the current situation and move on courageously.


  1. Learn from Your Experience

Although you cannot change your past, though you wholeheartedly want to erase it. Try to learn from your mistakes.lessons learned from a failed relationship and if worked upon will help you to live a prosperous next relationship. Consider your breakup positive as you have lot of time for yourself now. Bring your best out.


  1. Fake it if You Cannot Make it

This approach may sound tough but believe me this help you to stand firm in bad times. If you show people you are sad they make the situation worse by giving lectures. I am not favoring burying all emotions inside. But Yes, some people are not to be told everything. Keep it to yourself. Stand firm against all odds bravely.
Hey, After learning from what I said all above you still feel “how will you live without your partner”? Just walk out dear. It is just a  momentary feeling. Come out of the situation and see how unreasonable and childish you were for now you know how to deal with breakup. The world also belong to lovely people and you deserve so much more.

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