How to Get Over Rejection

How did you feel just after reading this word-rejection? Melancholic, worn down, broken, torn apart and what not if you have ever experienced it even once in your lifetime. And, trust me, once is more than enough. Getting immersed in the emotionally driven music, hot showers and constant fretting in the middle of the night are some most common experiences people go through. The very first thing to help you get out of the mess is to accept things as such. Accept the truth. Here are some tips on how to get over rejection.

1. See the bright side

You can’t treat the pain if don’t know how to embrace properly. Remember one thing, always. You didn’t lose the courage to accept the truth and confess it in the first place. Try to see the bright side of rejection. Who knows what’s waiting in there for you. Maybe you deserve even better and the Almighty has planned the best for you.

2. It’s not your fault

Give yourself some time. Healing takes time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes a rejection may leave you thinking bad about ourselves. It happens. But, don’t make useless predictions about why you got a No. Replace the inferiority complex with a feeling that at least you are courageous enough. It is a sin to end feeling miserable about oneself because this is the time when you start pinpointing your flaws. You start to envisage all that they must have found wrong about you. Don’t regret your moves. At the end of the day, it happens because it is meant to happen.

3. Don’t blame them

Now, it would be wrong to call them rude or pathetic. They were only being truthful and just ask yourself how wrong it would be if they ever said otherwise and kept you in the middle, hanging in between. You can’t impose your ideas upon others and get them into believing anything forcefully. So, don’t even try further. You may end up being disheartened even more badly and it will be hard to bear a consecutive stroke. Giving yourselves more chances of getting hurt is hysterical on your part. Slow down, take a deep breath and let go of the grumpy feelings of resentment.

4. Have a wide perspective

The best way to deal with situations is to try being in their shoes just for a while. Now imagine the last time you gifted a rejection to someone. Just like you had reasons and you did what you felt was right, you must try to consider their point of view with the same regard. You should rather appreciate their being truthful to you. They were not being rude. They were just being honest.

 5. Introduce some changeover

Instead of fretting about what happened in the past, move on to have a fresh beginning. Try finding your own passions in this duration because whenever we are in pain, we are more likely to make a transition into the other extreme of the story. That being said, you must not stay any longer where it stinks. Replace the negativity by trying multiple things. This may be about doing things that you have never tried before. Go for a road trip alone or plan out long drives with an old friend. Learn to play guitar or any instrument. Start meditating. Play with kids. Got no friends? Books won’t mind being your friends at any stage in life.