Live-in Relationship Before Marriage

Supreme Court gave a clean chit for the live-in relationship. It is an acceptable norm now. With this step of SC topics like Marriage v/s live-in relationship is in the air. Marriage is a bliss. However, being in a live-in relationship is more than a bliss. It is more suited for pacing lifestyle. So many valid reasons support this making it a fact.


When in a live-in relationship you are free to live your life in a manner you like. You don’t need to give up rights and freedom. Living life obligation free is indeed a pleasure. There is no hassle of commitments and sharing expenses.


There is no demand for responsibilities and duties. You don’t have to manage children, in-laws, relatives etc. In marriage, so much intrusion things suffocating at times. A live-in relationship ample time let couples enjoy and understand each other.

Compatibility test

It is a perfect compatibility litmus test. You can get a sneak peak of your married life. In a live-in relationship, you see a naked side of your partner and his interest and views. Married couples mostly fight for weird habits and views of their partner. You can get rid of this once you have tested partner. You now know his religion, money, sexual side, and mental level. So, when you end up in marriage, you have very less to regret.

Less legal hassles

No-Divorce is a top reason of blooming live-in relationships trend. You are not legal couples and hence free from all legal obligations. You have more chances of separating amicably which cannot be in marriages. No legalities of the court, no alimony sucking your savings, no debts, no family assets. Break-ups are far easier in such living.

Just be you

Yes, you can just be you in a live-in relationship. This flavor is not always available in marriages. As a married partner, you have liabilities and responsibilities. You will have to think many times to hit a gym or join a sports club. You don’t need to put excuses to justify yourself.

Successful relationship

Cohabitation before marriage leads to a successful relationship. You know the habits and need of your partners. You are well prepared to deal with all what comes across. You know how your partner reacts to certain things and how are you going to overcome it. So, no clashes. If you end up in tying a knot, it means you are determined to spend the rest of your life with him happily.

Marriages involve commitment, faithfulness, fidelity and legalities and not everyone is prepared for it. Shacking up before marriage allows couples to experience marriage before making a real, legal commitment. Above all live-in relationship can be given an exit note or endnote without cumbersome activities, like alimony, court, lawyers etc. You are safe from false allegations and cases against you. Hence, It lures young generation a lot. It is a practical approach, a test of your marriage. Hence, I see no point to overrule advantages of being in a live-in relationship.

Sometimes failed relationship is because of lack of romance or time for each other. Try to deal with an unromantic partner patiently.

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