A Perfect Wedding Guide

Perfect Wedding Guide

Planning to wed and set??? cool.. A Perfect wedding is a very important phase in everyone’s life. It is not just the joining of two people but two hearts and two souls in one. It is a beautiful concept where we officially accept our partner as our soulmate and life partner witness by others. You legally announce your beloved as your husband/wife in front of the world. Hence, it is meant to be important and perfect.

Pen down list and ideas

You are really very excited for your wedding and you just want to make it memorable. You don’t want a single thing to go wrong. For this make a list of wedding ideas comprising decoration, food, guests, venue, photographer, parlor etc. Prepare in a manner everything fits in your budget. Make a list giving every task a priority-wise. Look for a theme in which you want it to happen.


Before proceeding with plannings decide a maximum budget which you will follow till the end. Go as per your planning and do not go par the budget as your unnecessary desires may give you restless sleep. Try to cover up everything perfectly within the given budget.

Time Management

Timely completion of every task is very important. You should take care all your planning gets implemented before time and things go as per the plan. Give a specific time-slot to each activity and cover it up in the estimated time.


Decide a perfect venue that is enough to accommodate your guest. Easy to reach and beautiful to add charm to your D-day. Look for parking and hotels nearby. This will help your guest enjoy panic-free. If the banquet is located far in outskirts plan for travel source, limousine, cars etc. Get it decorated the way you like.

Taking Care of Guests

All guest are chief guests. Count your guest on fingers. Ignore unnecessary people and make sure you cover everyone you wants to invite. Make sure everyone gets attention, warm welcome and facilities. Your guests should enjoy your wedding. Plan entertainment programs for them, comfortable accommodation and lip smacking food on proper time. divide attendants among them for their ease.

Wedding Dress

Choose a perfect costume as you want to look stunning on this auspicious day. Choose a perfect dress, beautiful and theme related. See if it fits you perfectly. If not, get it altered as soon as possible. Assemble all the accessories you want to team it up with.


Your wedding day is a very special day of your life. Hence, you should capture each and every moment of it and make it a special and worthy memory. Few years after your wedding, when you will look at your photo album you will feel blessed reviving the wonderful memories of your life.

The Rings/Garlands

Exchange of rings or garlands is a real part of the wedding. It is the moment when you finally make your beloved your life-partner should be very special. Take measurements beforehand.

Music and Dance

Soulful, romantic tracks create a wonderful environment around and make your wedding more awesome. Dancing with your friends, relatives, and your partner is thrilling. It brings you closer and creates a lovely aura. List your tracks according to specific functions. Make sure sound system don’t give you panic on the main day.


Your wedding is not complete unless you have a wonderful honeymoon trip with your partner followed the rituals. It helps you to know each other closely spend quality time. Discuss with your partner and book your seat and hotel pre hand.

Now you can plan a great wedding. It is now your responsibility to plan and execute a perfect wedding and cherish the memories whole life. make it perfect and memorable. Have a happy married life!

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