Prepare Yourself for the First Date


“OH, MY GOD! My crush finally asked me out on a date. It’s my first date and I have to make my partner’s eyes pop out with my stunning looks.” This is generally the first reaction when someone asks a girl or a boy for a date. This is the time when you get pumped up for that special day and starts exploring your wardrobe and cosmetics in order to impress the special one. It is true that first date is very crucial because it gives you the opportunity to provide your first and everlasting impressions to the special one. One can do many things to feel great and to print the best impression on that girl or guy. Not only your outer beauty but also your inner beauty will enthuse your partner to ask you for a second date and desire to see you long-term.

You must be extremely happy with your first date, but let’s face it, you are also a bit nervous because first dates are very nerve-wrecking. Don’t worry, luck is on your side, as we are here to help keep your nerves at bay with our advice on how to prepare yourself for a first yet perfect date.

  1. Pre-Prepare a few questions

So first, just stop worrying about potential awkward silences and the risk of your date thinking that you are dull even when you know you are not. You must first stand in front of the mirror and flirt with yourself until you are assured of your beauty. Then think of around 3-5 questions that can serve as conversation starters. In this way, you can relax before and during your first date. When you will be there, these questions can make you enjoy the special date and in this way, you will be able to easily connect with your date. During your date, you can start by asking a question and go where the conversation leads you.  The only time to pull out another question will be when you feel that the conversation needs a springboard, otherwise don’t just unnecessarily jump to so many questions.

  1. Grooming is the key

On the day of your date take a nice, long shower or bath. Make sure that you have clean hair and nails. You should smell good, but it should not be overpowering. Avoid heavy perfumes as soft fragrances are generally liked by all. Girls should prefer light make-up and aim for a natural but groomed look. Be confident and think positive that everything will be perfect. Shortly before leaving for your date, give a final touch up and just relax. No one like a shabby person. They end up complaining no girl wants to date.

  1. Wear Appropriate Clothing

No matters that whether you care much for fashion or not, but you should always remember that your clothing plays a very important role as it is a form of non-verbal communication and it also forms part of your date’s first impression of you. You should wear clothes in which you feel comfortable. Especially girls should avoid wearing exposing clothes as it is very awkward to keep on managing your clothes in front of your partner. Be sure to dress modestly, that smells fresh and suits the setting for your first date.  Not only will your date glean first impressions from your attire, in fact, you too will reap confidence benefits if you feel perfectly dressed for the occasion.  Remember, how we care for ourselves impacts how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about ourselves impacts our great success in our relationships.

  1. Smile! Smile! And Smile!

You should keep on smiling as it will create positivism around you. Smile when you are getting ready at home, smile when you are on the way to meet your date and smile as you are about to walk into the venue where you both are meeting. This will also release feel-good hormones to help you feel relaxed and optimistic.  Also, remember to greet your date with a smile and to smile throughout your first date as this act of yours will help your date to see you as someone who is happy, welcoming and optimistic.

  1. Magical mirror

When you reach the venue take out your pocket mirror or go for a quick trip to the washroom before he or she arrives. Then just look directly at yourself and repeat these lines: “I surely deserve a good partner and a good partner also deserves me. Together we can be a great couple.” Then stare at yourself and repeat these lines again and again. Repeat it many times without looking away from your own beautiful reflection. Repeat it until you believe it and when you believe it, then surely you will begin living it. This will also add a magical touch to your date.

Don’t screw up your date by doing the following things:-

  1. Do not eat garlic

Garlic is generally the worst when it comes to making your mouth stink, but the principle is the same with anything you put in your mouth should not make your mouth stink as you want your mouth to smell good while talking.

  1. Do not smoke

If you are planning to end your date with a kiss, then you should not smoke. People generally don’t enjoy kissing an ashtray, so if you do not want to make your mouth smell or taste like one then try to refrain from smoking.

  1. Do not drink

This advice is quite obvious as you wish to have a sharp mind on your first date and it only takes one drink for that edge to disappear. You should try to charm your special date with your witty humor and not with your witless lack of alcohol control.

4. Don’t be too late

This advice is especially for boys that you should be at your decided meeting place ten minutes early. If you want to impress her, then just do not make her sit alone at a restaurant waiting for you. If you come early, then this will also give you ample opportunity to situate yourself at the place where you feel comfortable.

5. Do not tell your whole life story

Try to keep your conversation fun and light. If you reveal your entire life story from childhood until now then you will not only bore your date but also make yourself less of a challenge. So do not start narrating long stories and just try to be balanced and romantic.

So now the countdown to your special date begins. All these above-mentioned advice will surely help you to have a successful date. All the best! Just float with a broad smile on your face throughout your date.

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