Signs That Shows anyone Has a Crush on You

Have you ever went crazy gushing over signs to see he had a crush on you? Yes? you are not the only one. See for signs he secretly has a crush on you.


They Will Look At You A Lot

They go through your social site’s profile and look at your pictures you uploaded and like them too. Even in real life when you are close to them or talking to them they look into your eyes more seriously, intentionally and lustfully. If you catch them watching at you they might give you an uneven smile or start tickling their hairs or a combo of both.


His/her Friends Knows You

Almost in each case people who have the crush on someone or likes someone to tell these things to their close friends. If you have doubts that are you are a crush of someones or not, you can judge it by the reactions of their friends towards you. If his/her friends give you uneven smiles and weird looks. You should be quite obvious that you are in someone’s eyes.


They Will Text You All Day For No Particular Reasons

They text you whole day for no reason when you aren’t with them and try to remain in touch with you, for most of the time possible for them. Even if they have no particular topic to talk to you, they send you jokes and other messages which creates your interest in them, making those a reason for a longer talk.


Never Get Bore

There might be someone whom you see that he/she never get bored whenever they are with you, what so ever interesting or rubbish you are talking. That particular person loves your company even if there is nothing to talk, it doesn’t matter how much interesting or boring you are. The only thing that does matter for them is that you are along with them. If you have such a person around yourself just be ready to hear someday that ’I like you or I am in love with you’.


Will Probably Tease You A Lot

Teasing is a spice of flirting.A guy or a girl who has a crush on you might give you a nickname just to tease you and to get your attention or maybe wrestling with you for uneven and non-weird touches. They try not to lose even a single chance of teasing you either along with friends or when you are alone with them.


Become Interested In Your Hobbies

Anyone who has a crush on you asks you about your hobbies and shows their interest in them. Also whenever get a chance they try to join you in them to remain close to you and spend a quality time with you. These activities of them of getting into your hobbies provide them more time with you and comparatively much interest of yours in them as before.


Will Make Plans To Go Out With You

If any person makes plans to go out and chill with you at regular intervals, it could be quite obvious that he/she must be having some feelings for you. People usually do all this when they want to spend some quality time with the ones whom they are interested in. If someone does the same with you, then you might be their dream person.


More Care About Their Looks

Every time a girl/guy has a crush on you comes to you tries to look as good as possible at that particular time. Every single time before coming to you they go through their wardrobe, set their hairs and comes to you in whatever looks they think suits on them either decent, funky or rough.


Find Reasons To Talk To You

They always remain in search of finding reasons to talk to you. From anywhere they manage to know the topics/things/activities you are interested in and try to talk to you about these so that you do not get bored and converse with them for a much longer period of time. Many a time when they do not get a proper topic to talk to you, talks a rubbish but never let any chance go without talking you.


Looks For A Chance To Get You Alone

Rather than sitting in a group of friends, they try to spend a time with you alone to chat on serious and personal topics instead of rubbish conversations with friends, try to know you deeply and also tells secrets and personal things of their life and exchange the topics of interest of theirs and yours.  Also wants to get to know about your family and share the happenings of their family too.


If the answer to above points is yes, certainly there awaits a date for you soon. break the ice!

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