10 Secrets of Couples Who Stay in Love Forever

With our daily routines, mundane jobs, a never ending wait for weekends and a constant struggle to excel in the maddening race of life, we have simply lost the connection we all crave for and that is love. Casual flings, one night stands and premature breakups are all part of the hookup culture that has been swooping in secretly into our lives. We are scared of commitment; do not want responsibilities and love, who has time for that? Even The idea of love forever has faded.

But have we really started to stray away from our beliefs in love forever and eternal togetherness? How come our parents have managed to stick together for years and not end up killing each other? What is the secret of all those couples who manage to keep it together come sunshine or rain? Here’s a list of all those secrets that we have managed to decipher after observing some really successful marriages.


Love that Last Forever


  1. Real lovers love to fight

Yes, the couples who fight more love more. It is healthy for the relationship if you happen to have arguments with your better half. A disagreement, difference of opinions and arguments help you to release your pent up anger as well as convey your opinions to the other person. The fight is never an enjoyable exercise but most of the times the conclusion tends to bring both the parties closer to each other. Just remember to not make it a nasty one, though!


  1. Watch What you say

Yeah, healthy arguments may be a good way to increase closeness in the relationship. Becoming mean during such a conversation can have daunting consequences for you or the other person. You know how words can hurt much more than a sword. So, mind what you blurt out in that fit of anger. I know, when we are angry there is no rationality left. Before you blurt out a profanity or drag his/her family in between STOP. Happy couples don’t go around badmouthing their partners or call them names.


  1. Kiss and Makeup

Like it is essential to argue once in a while same goes for the patch up, you can’t really be angry with the person you love for long. You don’t need a bouquet of flowers to kiss and make up. Just after the fight is over and your anger has subsided you will naturally start feeling bad about the things that you may have said in a fit of rage. Don’t let ego hold you back just go and apologize or discuss it. Reach a peaceful conclusion as well as show that you care.


  1. Talk and Communicate

Relationships are delicate and need proper nourishment. What can be better than talking things out. Communicate clearly to reinforce the feeling of love forever and companionship. We are all humans and have our own set of emotional needs and communicating with our partner is essential for assurance, for the sense of belonging to each other and to strengthen your relationship. Talk about future, talk about things that matter to you, talk about each other’s sexual desires, talk about the most absurd and nonsensical things that catch your fancy. Laugh together, ask about each other’s professional life. Help each other whenever you see the other person feeling low and in need of some kind words.


  1.  Sex

Just as the emotional need of a relationship is essential so is the physical need for bonding. Sex is an integral part of a successful marriage/long-term relationship. Talk it out; tell each other what works best for you and what doesn’t. Communicate what do you expect out of a healthy sexual relationship? Respect each other’s need as well as mood. If your partner doesn’t feel like it then respect that decision. Ladies, if your man wants something but is hesitant to ask then bring him to such a comfort level where he can freely discuss things with you. Sometimes do things for each other’s happiness and not just for your own pleasure.


  1.  Intimacy

Physical intimacy is not just about having regular sex. It is also about the little things and gestures that may look minuscule but have a positive impact on your relationship. Hold hands more frequently, wake up to a kiss, hug each other more often, pat each other’s back whenever there’s an achievement to be celebrated, cuddle more often, and comfort each other  in every way possible whenever you feel low. If you practice all this. You are lover who will keep in love forever.


  1.  Appreciate each other

Men and women both are always under the social scanner for a lot of things. Women may be ridiculed about how enormous they may have become post delivery, or how men have developed a pot-belly after a certain number of years.  There are thousands of other people who are waiting to make our lives miserable; you don’t need to be one of them. Don’t be hard on your partner; appreciate him/her once in a while. A compliment will only strengthen your relationships. Even after years of your marriage if you someday walk up to your wife and say,” Hey, you look gorgeous today.” You will see the instant reaction on her face. That is one of those things that are priceless. Ladies, don’t be so hard on your man either, admire him for the things he does for you and the family.


  1. Profess your love for each other

There is absolutely no harm in saying “I love you” more often. Professing your love frequently helps bind the relationship even better. It also induces a sense of belonging and togetherness.


  1. Do not humiliate each other

Couples who stay together do not disrespect or humiliate each other, especially before a third-party. A difference of opinion is fine and normal. When you are at a social gathering and you don’t like something that your partner said or did or when he/she is ignorant about a certain thing then know that you can always correct them in privacy and do not end up embarrassing them before others.


  1.  Give each other their individual space

We know, you love your partners. It is not possible to hang around each other all the time like a satellite hovering above. Give each other the required space and time to enjoy their individuality. You may love to paint or shop while he may want to hang out with his male friends or watch a football match or two. Give that space to your partner. It is not mandatory that you have to drag him around every time you want to shop or it is not feasible for you to bother a bunch of men who want to sit back and scream at the screen broadcasting a football match. Couples who give each other ample space stay in love forever and with dignity.


These are just a few things that you can do wonders in order to make your relationship an easy one while keeping the love forever and intact.


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