Traits of a wanted girlfriend

A question that frequently arises.. what makes a perfect girlfriend? what are the qualities girlfriends should possess?  Every person who is looking for a girlfriend probably thinks of a perfect match. While deciding for coming in relation with any girl every man keeps in mind some traits and characters that her girl should possess. If you are confused in make up your mind for it. Here, I have explained attractive traits that every man wants in his girlfriend



The most wanted thing a guy wants from his girl is loyalty. A girl should be loyal to him if he commits her. Every man wants his girlfriend to be a loyal queen in front of them and wants unwavering loyalty.  If a girl is loyal then a guy doesn’t worry about cheating on him.  And of course, no guy wants a girlfriend with a bad character the reason is men are more fragile and break down easily so they don’t want to enter a relation in which they can’t trust a girl.


A girl should have patience and never let her ego come between the relations if she really wants to build a long lasting relationship. Small fights happen in every relation but if patience is lacked anyhow then the relationship can be at its peak of destroying the relation.  A guy wants a girl who will relax him in every situation and keeps calm and boost confidence in him that if they are together they can face any situation. if a girl do all this than  1000 percent sure  a man will never let it go.



Every man needs someone who can compete and maintains a balance between stubbornness and them because every person wants to fulfill his dream girl desires. So, if she is stubborn a man finds it beautiful and wants to put the whole world on her feet.  Yeahhh!!!!  A man loves this habit and wants to make his girlfriend queen to whom he can get all the things ready before she desires…


A woman who is comfortable in her own skin is regarded as prettiest.  Man seriously dislike women who is bimbo type and inactive in communicating. Men like a girl to who they can take to party without getting embarrassed.  A girl should be mature enough to handle his friends and meet his friends delicately and smartly.


In every situation a guy wants his girlfriend to care for him which gives long term relation because guys mostly falls in love with inner beauty.  Guys enjoy affection more than girls do. A guy wants a girl who should not constantly tell him about how much she loves and showers kisses and lots of hugs. He wants her to just appreciate him and remember to show him how much she cares for him. A guy wants a girl who will rub his shoulders in each and every circumstance.  And will hold him close and gives affection whenever he is going through any bad situation.


Good listener

This skill is highly appreciated by every man that a girl should be attentive to him and listen to him and give an appropriate answer. Guys want his life partner to whom he can open his heart and tells her things happens to him every day. Sometimes he can be going through bad times, in this situation he wants to have a girl who can listen to him. Understands him and whenever in need gives genuine feedback and helps him …and tells him what to do further and what will be appropriate.



Every guy wants her girlfriend to understand him in every situation. A guy wants a girl who will support in every good and bad situation. He wants her to Endeavour’s his hobbies or his love for particular sports. He wants his girlfriend to indulge habits he wants. And do not do whatever she wants. Because every man wants a girlfriend to be in their world only and respects and do things what they say.



The first thing to go in a smooth relationship is spontaneity. It should not be like that on the first date girl looks so charming and beautiful and after that, she doesn’t bother about a guy’s choice and getting ready for him.  Guys want a girl to get ready for them whenever they meet a girl should never lose it because guys will lose interest here after.. A girl should just need to try new things. Do surprises… plan outings so that life doesn’t get boring. Moreover, a guy never gets boring.


And lastly, let him fall in love with real you. Do not pretend to be unnatural you.


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