Be the Show-Stopper on the First Day of College

The first day of college is a special one in the life of any student. Quite obviously, everyone wants to look their very best on this day. Amidst all the chaos, one might end up either over-dressing or under-dressing for the occasion. Here are a few tips that will help you rock the look on the first day of your college.

Looks for the First Day of College



While it’s necessary to look like a complete show-stopper and make heads turn, going overboard will lead to negative consequences. The way you dress must make you seem approachable and friendly while also showing off your classy, fashionista side. Opting for the casual, breezy look is always better because formals might make you seem too unapproachable. Here are a few ways to stun everyone:


The Casual Chic Look

This look is sexy and classy. This is the one that can never fail. Go for a stylish tee or shirt and wear it with a pair of well-fitted trouser in any color. To instantly add sex appeal to this look, wear a jacket over the tee. A dressy jacket will make you look perfectly good for the occasion. Add a wrap for the diva look. Wear a statement neckpiece and ear rings. Add a sling bag to look even more stylish. Simple nude peep-toes or pumps will give the glam look. The make-up can be kept minimal. Accentuate your eyes with eye-liner and go for nude or pastel-colored lips. The look is sure to grab many eye-balls.


The Minimalist Diva Look

This is for the girl who wants to look feminine and cool at the same time. Opt for a tank top or a simple tee with a pair of skinny jeans. Wear a cardigan over the top to make the look sexier. A bold wrap will add extra glam quotient to the look. Ditch excessive accessories and go for just an over-sized ear ring. Wear little makeup and go for the winged liner. Wear a bold lipstick but don’t over-do it. Complete the look with a stylish tote bag or a printed one and a pair of boots. You’ll surely be the one who gets the second look from everyone.



While boys don’t like dressing up too much, looking good is still very important. It’s important for guys to look cool and casual while also looking stylish and well-dressed. Here are a few suggestions to look great-


The Laid-Back Look

The easiest one to pull off, this look is charming. Opt for a tee with an interesting print and pair it with a well-fitted trouser. To make the look more interesting, wear a plaid or plain shirt. Make the look hotter by adding a beanie and over-sized glasses. Complete the look with attractive sneakers. Add a messenger bag, and you’ll be the guy who’ll be easy on the eyes.


The Hipster Look

If you want to look all trendy and sexy, then this is the perfect look for you. Go for the rugged look with a pair of dark colored jeans and a tee in a classic color. Wear a jacket to over the tee to up the sex appeal. Either do your hair in a neat style with gel or go for the completely messy look. Complete the look with brown shoes. Add a backpack to look extra appealing. Sun-glasses will be the perfect way to accessorize. With this look, you’ll surely be the most irresistible guy.


At the end of the day, the most attractive outfit will definitely be your level of comfort in your own skin. Be bold and comfortable and relish the first day of college life. Have fun!

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