7 Easy Swoon-Worthy Hairstyles for Women Growing out a Pixie

Just grown out your pixie and now your hair is in an awkward stage wherein in doesn’t look like a short bob nor a long pixie? Does it look like the so-called ‘bowl cut’? We all know, the struggle is real.

There are several options you can do to solve that growing out dilemma suchlike experimenting with different hairstyles (braids, curled, straightened, etc.). You can even use different hair accessories, bobby pins (pin it all up, nice and tidy), hair gels, styling paste and other products to make it seem less awkward looking and more stylish.

No more hiding under a beanie. Here are a few celebrity hair inspirations you can steal that would suit you:


Carey Mulligan


Carey Mulligan pixie


Short haired Carey Mulligan knows pretty well how to work her ‘do. She had experimented with different hairstyles ever since. Try parting your hair in the middle and work on the soft curls effect. You should look more feminine and carefree. No more asking whether you’re a guy or a girl or somewhere in between.


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron pixie


Charlize Theron’s long pixie solves the issue of looking awkward. The sultry waves gave it a look of balance and fun. This look fits best during summer/spring in beaches. You can get the this effect by sleeping on foam rollers with your hair rolled away from your face. If you can’t achieve that mermaid hair, you can still rock that beach waves.


Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer Lawrence pixie


If you don’t feel like getting a beach wave, style your hair like Jennifer’s. A nice brushed up, clean look is perfect for work and formal events. You just have to comb your hair in place, grab a styling gel or paste and voila! You now have a tidy look.


Michelle Williams


Michelle Williams pixie


The Blue Valentine Actress have had short hair since we can remember. If you’re running late for your rendezvous, try styling your hair how Michelle Williams did in this photo. If you have long hair in front, tuck the other side of your hair behind your ear. It’s just that easy. If you want to look more made up, add an accessory for a more polished style.


Carey Mulligan


Carey Mulligan pixie


The Never Let Me Go actress makes growing out a pixie seem less stressful. She can work any kind of styles with her short hair. To reach the bob, go to your favorite hairdresser and have your mullet trimmed like Carey’s. Try braiding your front locks away from your hair to change up your style.


Julianne Hough



Julianne Hough pixie


Are you now in the stage where your hair is almost close to a bob? The Dancing with the Stars judge proves simple hairstyles can make you look different. After washing your hair, let it air dry. Then, part your locks in the middle and let it do the styling — let your fringe flyh. It’s more of an unmade but stylish look that fits with a grunge and hippie outfit.




Beyonce pixie


Congratulations! You have finally reached a bob! The best style to rock that hair would be this photo of our Queen B. Have it curled in small parts and once you’re done, flip your head down and brush your hair with your fingers. Grab a mousse or any styling product that you best trust and scrunch the ends a bit. This should give you a messy but flirty look. Just look at how the Queen works it.


Growing out a pixie can be really stressful and difficult. You’ll have to go through with the awkward stage for weeks and within those days, you find ways to spice up your hair game. This list should guide you in looking stylish with less effort.

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