7 Makeup Rules That Are Meant To Be Broken

Makeup Rules

Of course, when first learning about makeup and how to do it, you pay attention to learning the Makeup rules that tags along and follow all of it. And what do we say about certain rules? Break it (or bend them).

Spending your precious time learning the do’s and don’ts in makeup will blow your head with more than a dozen of things to remember in each list. With all these things to keep in mind, it might cause you a breakout (or not).

If you’re still hesitant about going all bold with your lipstick and eyeshadow (which is a major DON’T in the beauty rulebook), you might want to think twice as you know, even beauty editors break this rule.


Oh, and remember that makeup guru who popularized the trend of smudging orange or red lipstick shade over your under eye circles before applying concealer and foundation? Yes, that was breaking the rules either and it worked.


To put it simply, it’s completely alright to forget such makeup rules apply and just do your own thing. As long as you’re comfortable with it, be free to express yourself. Here are a few makeup rules we’re okay rebellion against.


Makeup Rule 1: Thou shall not don bold eye and lips at once

makeup, bold lips
Photo source: Tara Makeup


Make-up gurus used to say smoky eyes should never be paired with bold lips. Mind you, those days are long gone.


For years, magazines and make-up enthusiasts have made emphasis on concentrating on just one bold part of the face — either having smoky eyes or bold eyeshadows or bright red lips; only one can stand out, it could never be both.


The premise is this: smoky eyes = nude lips or light eyeshadow = red or bold lips. Truthfully, the rule only makes your look unfinished. It’s a bummer if you want to don a vamp look or just flaunt your mesmerizing eyes and sultry lips. Today, a lot of celebrities have broken this rule and even flaunted it on red carpet events. If they can, so can you.


Makeup Rule 2: Always use brushes when applying makeup

make up brush

Photo source: Face the Day: Full Face Brush Set from available on Sephora

Your best argument for this could be that make-up artists use a top brand of make-up brushes for a sheer and perfect finish.


Let us tell you this, they also use their fingers for applying foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and other sorts for a more natural-looking touch. It also warms up these different products to get a more distinct touch out of it.


Makeup Rule 3: Step away from blue and purple eye shadow


blue eye shadow

Photo via The Hollywood Reporter by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP


As they say, “those shades are so 80s!”


Because teens of the 2000s and the electric craze in the 80s, any shade of blue drawn in the eyes is a total no-no and since then, it’s been seen tacky and just a poor taste. The same notion goes for the shade purple.


Thanks to Lupita Nyongo’s makeup artist, Nick Barose, who broke this rule and used both colors — blue on the inner corner of the lids and purple on the outer corners.


Forget that rule. Instead, make your own new rule incorporating this one. For instance, wear the right shade that compliments your skin tone. And don’t just put on a single blue/purple shade over your lids, take it from Lupita in the example above. Mix different shades of blue or purple, or both and see for yourself.


Makeup Rule 4: Seasonal lip colors

lip colors

Photo source: Fashion Magazine


Flaunting your bold, statement lips is a glamorous entrance and who doesn’t deserve a head-turning attention?


While it could be perceived as unseasonal for you to wear a plum lip shade on a hot summer day, just walk away and let people stare for it’s not their business to tell you what specific lip shade should be worn each season.


Makeup Rule 5: Always match eyebrow color with your hair color

matching hair and eyebrow color

Photo source: Allure

In this day and age, men and women alike are donning different shades of hair as it is their liberty and freedom to do so. Plus, it’s their way of expressing their personalities.


Now, let’s say you dye your hair green, would you fill your brows green?


The best demonstration for that would be blondes with tidbit dark eyebrows. The common rule is to wear a shade that is one shade darker than your hair color. If you want to go slightly darker, go ahead. The trend actually looks good and striking on blondes!


Makeup Rule 6: No black eyeliner and mascara on bottom lids

bottom eyelid color

Photo source: Glamour


Whoever thought this should be prompted from being done should be punished with false lashes and a load of layers of mascara on the bottom lashes and a thick eyeliner on the bottom lids.


Guess what? Applying a thin layer of mascara over bottom lashes actually makes the eyes look more alive and the overall eye look more defined. As per the black eyeliner under the bottom lids? It makes makeup enthusiasts a tidbit rebellious and grunge so no one has the power to stop them.


Makeup Rule 7: Stick to your brow’s natural shape

natural eyebrow shape

Photo source: POPSUGAR


We have nothing against this rule since following your natural brow shape is a good advice and recommended by many makeup artists.  


However, there’s no denying that having fun with different brow shapes and trying it on yourself is also refreshing. Bend the general rule from time to time. Alternate your strong, high-arched brows into a soft straight one.


Eyebrows are the very frame of your face and it’s the simplest part of your face that when altered, completely changes your personality. Forget the “right brow shape for your face shape” for a moment and have fun!


Perhaps some of you have even enrolled in beauty courses just to learn more on make-up artistry. While others could have preferred to learn on their own or through watching makeup tutorial videos, like what most women do these days. Bottom line is, don’t resist yourself from expressing yourself and don’t forget to have fun!


What make-up rules do you often break? Share your thoughts with us!


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