How to always look put together

In this busy, hectic world, it’s not practically possible to invest too much time in getting ready to reach at the workplace, college or to attend an important meeting on time, but there’s no denying the fact that by choosing clothes and accessories smartly, getting a perfect haircut for the face or a stylish watch over the wrist, we can always look put together a way better. Little things can really contribute much to our look and personality that in no time. Here are 12 easy ways which can always help you to look put together always.


1. Get a Captivating Haircut and Spa

captivating hairstyle

Give proper cut and length to the hair coordinating with the shape of the face. Get rid of the split ends every month. Receive hair spa at least once in a fortnight. Investing a little to haircare which in return can contribute quite well to the look.


2. Grab those Classy Glasses

Sunglasses can really add much to the look. You Don’t need to buy too many sunglasses to team up with the clothes, just one or two amazing branded shades do it all. Glasses have magic.


3. Too Much Makeup is Not Always a Good Idea

Putting too much makeup on is not always a great idea, surely not at a workplace or a college. Use little and natural makeup to give the edge to the features and look elegant. Little mascara, concealing the dark circles, blemishes etc and nude shade lip color do wonder.


4. Black is Evergreen

Everyone goes through the days when they cannot decide the outfit or the particular color to wear. In such a situation, always go for the best outfit you own with the color BLACK. Black is an evergreen and an amazing gift given to us by the Good Lord.



5. Stay Groomed Up

stay groomed up

Hygiene and the way one presents himself/herself to others matters a lot. So, one must be groomed up always to feel great about themselves and expect the same from others too. Get the arms and legs waxed, eyebrows done and exfoliate the skin twice a week to get the instant glow and to get rid of tan.

Remember, FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION. And try to go to the workplace or a college every day as if you are going to meet someone new.


6. Bags are Mandatory

Not a big collection of bags is necessary but a great few is impressive.

Bags add elegance and convey a lot about one’s personality. Whether someone is carrying a  Hobo bag or a Duffle bag or why not a backpack,  they just need to know the right bag for the right occasion and must go along with their outfit.


7. Never Forget to Carry CONFIDENCE

There are people who wear the best of clothes and have those amazing pair of shoes yet they do not feel confident about themselves. And this lack of confidence makes one look not so good and happy about themselves.

Be happy and confident whatever you wear or do. CONFIDENCE IS SEXY.


8. Develop a Skincare Routine

A person with sumptuous skin always look put together radiant and no matter how much time one spends on the rest of their grooming and beauty.

Everyone knows to never go to bed with makeup on and to eat a balanced diet which is a mix of fruits and veggies for the effulgent skin but there’s always room for improvement.

Add an eye gel to the skincare routine, and always rinse the face with water after removing makeup with makeup remover. Skincare home remedies always work and are very effective. Try some skin benefitting ingredients from your kitchen.

9. Practice a Quick Breathing Exercise

quick breathing exercise

If things are spiraling out of control, do not lose temper. Instead, focus on your breath. Focus on breathing even while walking, driving, watching tv or any other chores. Even a few minutes of breathing exercises can help you feel and look relaxed, cool and eventually look put together.

10. Experience a Quick Five Minute Meditation

If one is feeling particularly scattered and restless, try meditating for a few minutes.

“Focusing on being in the moment will help center you, allowing you to be more focused to get through your day,” an American Entrepreneur says. The power nap is the best meditation.


11. Always Prefer Comfortable Clothes

If someone is pulling down their sweater, or secretly unbuttoning the top button on their pants, GO CHANGE into something more comfortable, ASAP.

“Wearing clothes that fit properly will make you feel better about yourself, and give others the impression you are someone they can trust and respect,” says author and life coach Jaya Jaya Myra. No sleeve-tugging required.


12. Smile Away All The Worries

Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and one will start to see a big difference in their lives.

A public speaker says,” Smiling can make a difference. Even if you have to fake it, a quick grin can instantly boost your mood, and change your whole perspective on the world.”


These petty yet very important things for beauty, health and fashion will help everyone a lot to always look put together and will make them feel great and confident about themselves.


Zainab Noor

Zainab Noor

Zainab Noor is a Commerce student and has a keen interest in writing. She writes poems, short stories and write-ups on social injustice and brutality. She owns a writing page on Facebook and Instagram as "Nudity of Thoughts".
Zainab Noor

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Zainab Noor

Zainab Noor is a Commerce student and has a keen interest in writing. She writes poems, short stories and write-ups on social injustice and brutality. She owns a writing page on Facebook and Instagram as "Nudity of Thoughts".